Your tourist guide to Uppsala

Uppsala cityscape ©Oh Ox/Flickr

Uppsala is the fourth largest city of Sweden. The present day Uppsala is actually a wonderful port town. The Fyris River divides the city into two parts: the western part is the administrative quarter, while the eastern side is the commercial area. Most visitors are interested in the western side of Uppsala, because it includes the fascinating old streets, cathedrals, the university, numerous beautiful parks and offers great river views. The city is home to Scandinavia’s largest church, the Uppsala Cathedral which is visible from most parts of the city. This article will serve as your tourist guide to Uppsala presenting you its most important and most beautiful landmarks.

Scandinavia’s largest church – the Uppsala Cathedral

Uppsala is one of the most beautiful Swedish cities. If you are planning a visit, I suggest you not to miss the immense Uppsala Cathedral because this is one the most famous Scandinavian churches. This amazing building is about 118 meter high, being visible from most parts of city. The fascinating religious building dates back in the 13th century and it is named Uppsala domkyrka by Swedish.

Uppsala cityscape ©Oh Ox/Flickr

The fascinating Uppsala University Library

Uppsala University is Sweden’s oldest university, being founded in1477. This university was considered one of Northern Europe’s most prestigious institutions. Not far from the Uppsala University there is the also prestigious Uppsala University Library. Considered Sweden’s largest library, the astonishing building includes about 5 million of volumes of all genres and almost 60.000 of manuscripts. The building which houses the famous library was built between 1820 and 1841.

Fyrushov Arena – the site of different fantastic events

Fyrishov is Uppsala’s largest arena. This building is home to a huge water park which is open all year round. Besides, there are held here annually meetings and various events, too.  This arena is perfect for recreation and entertainment because there are held here different sport events and the amazing water park awaits its visitors with fantastic waterslides.

Uppsala Central Station

Uppsala Central Station is situated in the centre of Uppsala. The building is extremely attractive, being renovated recently, between 2005 and 2011. The new station’s project includes a huge bicycle park, a large car park and a new public square among others.

Uppsala Cental Station ©seamusiv/Flickr

Uppsala Castle

The wonderful castle is an astonishing 16th century royal castle which is an important landmark of the city. Today, Uppsala Castle is home to the interesting Uppsala Art Museum. So, if you visit the castle, you can visit the museum at the same time. There are English guided tours at the castle from Tuesday to Sunday at 13:00 and 15:00. (March 2013)

Uppsala Castle ©wentao_yin/Flickr



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