What to see in Scania Province

Helsingborg City © pegase1972/Flickr

Helsingborg City ©pegase1972/Flickr

Sweden is a great country to visit, making an ideal destination for almost every type of tourist. This wonderful country is very popular for tourists of all ages due to its abundance in natural wonders and astonishing cultural landmarks. As many other countries, Sweden is also divided into regions or provinces.

If you are planning a holiday in Sweden, I suggest you to visit one of its best provinces, Scania Province. Are you interested in what is meritorious to see in Scania Province? Below I will present you its beautiful attractions. It is not surprising that Scania Province is one of the most visited provinces in Sweden, partly due to the presence of the wonderful city of Malmö.

About Scania Province

Scania Province is actually one of the most visited Scandinavian peninsulas. Scania is situated in the southern part of Sweden. In this wonderful province you can find Sweden’s third largest city, the famous city of Malmö. This astonishing city is the administrative centre to this province.


Malmö is the largest city in the province by population and the capital of Skåne Country. In this astonishing city there innumerable cultural landmarks like the Malmö Opera, Moderna Museet, St. Peter Church and so on.

Another astonishing city in the province which is worth visiting is Helsingborg. It is the second largest city in the province by population. In Helsingborg it is meritorious to visit the Helsingborg City Hall, the tropical beach, the Helsingborg Waterfront, Kärnan, the medieval tower and others. I am sure that you would return home with great memories from these cities.

Helsingborg City © pegase1972/Flickr

Helsingborg City ©pegase1972/Flickr


In Scania Province traditional wooden structures dominate, not to mention the fantastic style named half-timbering. This wonderful province has numerous churches built in Gothic style and renovated without losing their original value. Some castles in Scania Province were built and also rebuilt using a mix of different architectural influences. I suggest you to visit as many architectural jewels as you can.

Malmo Scania Province ©s.goelzer/Flickr

Malmo Scania Province ©s.goelzer/Flickr

National parks

If you love natural wonders, Scania Province can be your prefect holiday destination. In this astonishing province you can visit three national parks: Dalby Söderkog, Söderåsen and Stenshuvud. Dalby Söderkog is not a large National Park in southern Sweden, but if you like nature, it will surely amaze you. The national park is famous for its astonishing flora and fauna.

The Söderåsen National Park can give you a wonderful and unforgettable landscape, not to mention its astonishing flora and fauna. The third natural wonder of the area is the Stenshuvud National Park, situated in southern Sweden. This wonderful National Park is also popular to nature-lovers and to people who like to relax in virgin nature. In this wonderful park you can see more than 600 plant species and several types of orchids.

Söderåsen National Park © s_p_o_c/Flickr

Söderåsen National Park ©s_p_o_c/Flickr

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