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Millesgarden Alisa Volkova/Flickr

Millesgarden ©Alisa Volkova/Flickr

Are you planning to spend your holiday in the astonishing Scandinavian country, Sweden? Are you curious what meritorious to visit is in the country? I suggest you to visit the Millesgården. If you like art museums and sculptures, this fantastic place can give you unforgettable experiences. Millesgården is situated in the capital of Sweden, on the island of Lidingö.

This wonderful garden is one of the most visited gardens in the country, due to the astonishing sculptures and their fantastic design. The Millesgården annually attracts more than 1 million visitors. If you are in Stockholm, I recommend you to visit this wonderful visitor attraction, you will not regret it and I’m sure that you will return home with great memories.

About the Millesgården

Sweden’s famous sculptor, Carl Milles and his wife, Olga Milles has an intention to build a home and studio for their works. This building is situated on the Lidingö Island, in Stockholm. Around the fantastic art museum there was built a wonderful garden including the Milles family’s sculptures. Millesgården is a unique place in Sweden, with fantastic antique collections, being a famous sculpture garden and art gallery of the Milles family. There are also restaurants here dedicated for tourists.

Millesgarden Shannon Robalino/Flickr

Millesgarden ©Shannon Robalino/Flickr

How to get there?

The island named Lidingö is situated in the heart of the wonderful city of Stockholm. If you are already in Stockholm, it is very easy to get to the fantastic Millesgården. You have the possibility to go by foot, by bus, by cab or to rent a bicycle. If you decide to go by foot, you will not regret it, because the distance from central Stockholm to the Millesgården is small, taking about 10 minutes. Due to the high traffic it is not meritorious to go by bus or car.

Millesgarden Alisa Volkova/Flickr

Millesgarden ©Alisa Volkova/Flickr


In the fantastic Millesgården you can see fantastic sculptures of the Milles family. If you like art and astonishing sculptures, this garden will be your perfect destination. In the garden there are amazing sculptures waiting for the visitors and in the galleries there are fantastic pictures, also sculptures and different fashion items. From time to time the exhibitions are changed.

The current exhibition is about fashion items, figures and faces. It can be visited between 13 June and 22 September. The next exhibition’s subjects are the following:  Courage and modernity between 5 October and 9 February 2014 and Man Ray between 22 February and 8 June 2014. (August 2013)

Millesgarden Sweden jazziam/Flickr

Millesgarden Sweden ©jazziam/Flickr

Facilities and opening times

If you plan to spend one day in the Millesgården, you have many possibilities to enjoy this fantastic trip, like eating in the restaurant situated in the garden. In the garden there are annually organized important meetings, weddings and birthday parties. You can rest in the garden under the trees, near the astonishing sculptures and enjoy the peaceful nature. You can visit the Millesgården between Monday and Sunday, from 11:00 to 17:00. (August 2013)

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