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Marsvinsholm Castle Rolf Kamras/Flickr

Marsvinsholm Castle ©Rolf Kamras/Flickr

If you are planning your holiday in Sweden, more precisely in Skåne Province, I suggest you to visit the castles of the area. If you like old architectural jewels, your perfect recreation area will be Skåne. This wonderful province is situated in the southern part of Sweden, including astonishing cities like Lund, Malmö and Helsingborg. Skåne Province used to be a kingdom for hundreds of years.

Due to this fact, this part of the country is full of wonderful castles. Skåne’s most visited castles are the following: Svaneholm, Glimmingehus, Krapperups slott, Marsvinsholm slot and so on. I suggest you to visit Skåne Castles, you will not regret it and I’m sure that you will return home with great memories. 


Svaneholm Castle is situated in the southern part of Skåne Province. This wonderful old building is one of the most visited castles in this province. A year after the death of the king, the Svaneholm Castle was renovated and was turned into a museum.

Several times renovated over the centuries, this architectural jewel preserved its original form. In the wonderful castle you can see innumerable old objects belonging to the king and his life. I suggest you to visit this wonderful castle.   

Svaneholm Castle s_p_o_c/Flickr

Svaneholm Castle ©s_p_o_c/Flickr


Glimmingehus is also situated in southern Skåne, in Simrishamn. This astonishing building was used as a defensive arrangement for kings during war time. Nowadays this building is a tourist attraction. In the castle you can see many weapons and innumerable wonderful interior decoration, which make you remember of wars. This castle was also renovated several times, preserving its original form.

Krapperups slot

Krapperups slot is situated in Helsingborg, southern Skåne. This wonderful high and old building is also a very popular tourist attraction in the country. If you are interested in visiting wonderful architectural jewels, I suggest you to visit this castle. This castle was home to Karl XI and after the death of the king the castle was renovated and was turned into a music hall.

The castle is an important place, used as a venue for annual music festivals and meeting. This astonishing building can give you an unforgettable experience.

Krapperups Castle Monica Forss/Flickr

Krapperups Castle ©Monica Forss/Flickr

Marsvinsholm Castle

Marsvinsholm Castle is situated not far from Ystad municipality in the Skåne Province. This wonderful castle is surrounded by gardens, trees and a lake. This castle can be also visited and it is also popular for visitors. The Marsvinsholm Castle is full of wonderful old jewels and objects which remind us of to the royal era. It is meritorious to visit it if you like old building and history.

Marsvinsholm Castle Rolf Kamras/Flickr

Marsvinsholm Castle ©Rolf Kamras/Flickr



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