Varied Easter Traditions in Sweden

Easter Eggs


As it is the biggest Christian festivity, Easter is celebrated around the world in different ways. Although Easter is a religious occasion, in Sweden the Easter celebrations are more social rather than religious holiday. However most of the people do attend church, nowadays Easter in Sweden is more a social festivity when family members get together, so it is a family reunion occasion with picnic and holiday trips. If you would like to learn a bit more about the varied Easter traditions in Sweden read on and enjoy!

The Easter Hare

In Sweden the Easter Hare is the one who delivers sweets to children.

Easter egg hunts are popular activities in Sweden, just as in any other countries. It’s meant to be an activity for children. Parents are hiding eggs in different part of the house and kids following clues and solving riddles they find the hidden sweets.

Unique Rituals

Easter in Sweden is a lot like Halloween, as children dress up as witches; they go from house to house to ask for sweets. It is an old belief that witches at Easter appear and people light fires to scare them away. It is practiced nowadays as well, when locals consider that bonfires and fireworks keep the witches away.

Easter decorations

At Easter the birch twigs are parts of almost every Swedish household. On Good Friday locals lash each other with birch twigs to remind people of the suffering that Jesus Christ went through. Other Easter decorations are the chick lings, tapestries and daffodils.

Easter activities

In Sweden there is a traditional Easter activity in Swedish families. This is an old tradition meant for children to earn pocket money. The game is very simple you have to throw a coin from a fair distance to an egg, if the egg stays intact the coin goes to the children however if you managed to touch the egg with the coin, the coin and the egg are both yours.

Traditional Easter dishes



There is a variety of dishes at Easter in the Swedish households, the most popular ones are the pickled herring, cured salmon and roast lamb with potatoes and egg. The Easter dish looks like a traditional smörgåsbord. Samla is also a traditional delicious Easter dessert.

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