Useful travel tips to Sweden

Gamla Stan, Stockholm ©Skubasteve834/ookaboo

Are you traveling to Sweden on your next holyday? If so and you need some information before traveling, you have found the right article. In order to help you find the best visitor attractions hotels, taste the best dishes and use the appropriate means of transportation, below I will present you some useful travel tips to Sweden. Sweden is a fantastic North European country with several tourist destinations, wonderful cities and offers high quality services. I suggest you to spend as much time as you can in this gorgeous country and visit as many attractions as you can, because Sweden is a worth discovering state! Read on to find out more information before traveling.

Tourist attractions

Sweden is a beautiful country, being home to many visitor attractions and beautiful cities with famous buildings which are absolutely worth visiting. Its capital city, Stockholm is one of the major tourist destinations of the country. There are several wonderful landmarks and tourist attractions here: Kungsholmen, Gamla Stan, Södermalm, the City Hall, numerous beautiful churches and interesting museums. Other popular cities are Gothenburg, Uppsala, Kiruna, Linköping, Ōrebro and so on. As for the natural heritage of Sweden, the country is home to national parks, islands, forests, mountains and lakes. Whatever you prefer, you will surely find at least one destination to suit your preferences.

Gamla Stan, Stockholm ©Skubasteve834/ookaboo


If you decide to visit Sweden you have many options: you can travel in the cities for example by buses, cars or bikes. The most convenient means of transportation is the bus because it is cheap and Sweden has many bus lines linking cities, too. If you decide to travel by car, it is also a great idea because you will get more quickly from one place to another and the roads are perfect. There are also ideal bicycle paths in the Swedish cities. It is healthy and makes a great experience.

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Money and shopping

Sweden’s national currency is the Swedish krona (SEK). The majority of bars, supermarkets and restaurants accept credit cards, but must have a passport or an ID card. Sweden is not considered a “cheap country”, but you can find in acceptable prices here. Evidently, the capital city is more expensive than other cities.

Food and drink

The main Swedish traditional foods are fish and potato. Some traditional dishes are Ost, Gravlax, Kroppkakor, Caviar, Crayfish, Spettekaka and so on. The major ingredients used for these are potato, fish and cheese. In Sweden like in other European countries fast foods are also very popular. A very popular Swedish alcoholic drink is the Absolut Vodka, it is one of the most famous vodkas. Swedish drink a lot of coffee, being among the leader coffee consumers of the continent. For them drinking a coffee is considered a real ritual.

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As Sweden is a Scandinavian country, the prices of hotel rooms are more expensive than of the Mediterranean or Eastern countries. The Swedish hotels are very clean and usually quite simple. If you prefer exclusive hotels, you can choose for example the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. If you are a young traveler with lower budget, there are dozens of great hostels on offer.

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