Useful info for visiting Lund in Sweden

Lund cityscape michaeljohnbutton/Flickr

Lund cityscape ©michaeljohnbutton/Flickr

The city of Lund is with no doubt one of the most attractive cities in South Sweden. Making part of Scania Province, the city is considered to be founded around 990. At this time Scania belonged to Denmark. The old city is famous for its university. Lund University is considered to be one of the largest institutions for education and research in Scandinavia. Besides its university, the city is also popular for its beautiful cathedral, not to mention its other tourist attractions. Lund includes numerous architectural jewels of which many are gorgeous timber-framed houses. If you are planning to visit this city, I recommend you to read the following guide before traveling. Below I will give you some useful info for visiting Lund.


As I already mentioned it, the city of Lund makes part of Scania Province, in southern Sweden. The city is the seat of Lund Municipality in Skåne County. It is one of the most beautiful and most visited cities in the southern part of the country. The city occupies about 25.75 km2 and has more than 82,000 inhabitants. It is easily accessible by any means of transportation.

Lund cityscape michaeljohnbutton/Flickr

Lund cityscape ©michaeljohnbutton/Flickr


Lund is situated close to the airport of Malmö-Sturup. This one is mainly used for domestic flights. Another nearby airport is Kastrup (used for Copenhagen). It is located about 30 minutes by train from Lund and is often used for longer international flights.

Lund also has connection to the motorway network of Sweden. Besides, Lund is on the main railway between Stockholm and Malmö. As for the local transportation, city buses connect around about 400 bus stops with 11 bus lines.

Main sights

Lund is home to several tourist attractions. The most important landmark of the city is Lund Cathedral. The Lutheran cathedral is very popular among tourists. Both its exterior and interior parts are very attractive.

The cathedral was built of sandstone, using the characteristics of Romanesque style. Other important sights of Lund are the following: the Liberiet, the Cathedral School, the Grand Hotel, the botanical garden, the university, numerous timber-framed houses and so on.

Lund Cathedral Giåm/Flickr

Lund Cathedral ©Giåm/Flickr

Hotels and restaurants

As for the accommodation, there are numerous hotels, apartments, aparthouses and B&Bs in Lund. The most remarkable and oldest hotel of Lund is the Grand Hotel. It was inaugurated in 1899 and houses a restaurant, too. Other great hotels in Lund are: the Elite Hotel Ideon, Scandic Star Lund, Hotel Concordia, Clarion Collection Hotel Planetstaden and so on.

As for the restaurants, Lund is home to over 130 restaurants. These offer both local and international food. Some of the best ones are: Mat & Destillat, Vendels Matrum, Klostergatans Fisk, Les Halles, Govindas and so on.

The Grand Hotel, Lund michaeljohnbutton/Flickr

The Grand Hotel, Lund ©michaeljohnbutton/Flickr


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