Tourist guide to the Stockholm Archipelago

Pier in the Stokcholm Archipelago Udo Schröter/Flickr

Pier in the Stokcholm Archipelago ©Udo Schröter/Flickr

One of the most breathtaking tourist destinations of Sweden is the Stockholm Archipelago. The archipelago includes thousands of islands which are easily accessible from the capital city. The islands belong to the Södermanland and Uppland provinces. These islands are very attractive among tourists. If you are interested in natural wonders and unique tourist attractions, don’t miss this fantastic area. In order to help you find the best sights, below I will present you some useful info relating to the archipelago. The guide below will serve as a tourist guide to the Stockholm Archipelago. Read it before traveling to Sweden!

Main composing islands

As I already mentioned it, the Stockholm Archipelago is composed by thousands of islands. Most of them are small islands, but there are some larges ones, too. The largest of all is Värmdö. It is accessible by road, too.

The island includes suburban neighborhoods of the capital city, just like lakes, deep forests and fantastic beaches. Its main town is Gustavsberg. The island of Vaxholm has a major boat terminal and some shopping spots. Sandhamn is a fantastic resort island, preferred by many. If you like rural areas, visit the island of Grinda.

Pier in the Stokcholm Archipelago Udo Schröter/Flickr

Pier in the Stokcholm Archipelago ©Udo Schröter/Flickr

Getting there

There are numerous ways to get to the archipelago. The southern archipelago is accessible by buses from Stockholm Central Station. The northern part is accessible by buses from Tekniska Högskolan. If you want to reach Värmdö, you have to depart from Slussen. Most of the large islands are accessible by car. If you would like to have a great view of the islands, I recommend you to take a boat from Stockholm.

Portion of Stockholm Archipelago fhwrdh/Flickr

Portion of Stockholm Archipelago ©fhwrdh/Flickr

Boat trips

Between April and September there are numerous services which operate directly from central Stockholm, heading through various destinations. There are two major shipping companies: the private-owned Strömma and the public-transport Waxholmsbolaget. Cinderellabåtarna (owned by Strömma) departs from Nybrokajen, while Waxholmsbolaget departs from Strömkajen.

The destinations in the archipelago include the following: Grinda, Sandhamn, Finnhamn, Svartsö, Möja, Ingmarsö, Utö, Runmarö and Nämdö.

Cruiser in the Stockholm Archipelago HBarrison/Flickr

Cruiser in the Stockholm Archipelago ©HBarrison/Flickr


Most of the islands offer a wide variety of natural attractions. From the lush green of the inner islands to the huge cliffs of the outer ones, the archipelago is abundant in wonderful scenes. Some islands present youth hotels, restaurants and country stores, while others are deserted islands.

Vaxholm Fortress, Siaröfortet Fort (with a hotel), the Gustavsberg Porcelain Museum and the Artipelag Museum are just some of the visitor attractions of the archipelago.


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