Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Gothenburg


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Located on the Swedish West coast, Gothenburg-Göteborg is the second largest city in Sweden. The city has a wide variety of attractions, there is always something going on, so that is why, it is a favorite tourist spot in the country. If you would like to find out what are the most representative attractions in the city, have a look at our topic and learn a bit more about the city, in order to not to miss out important places during your stay. The best way to get to know the city is through a Gothenburg Card, which provides special offers from shopping areas and free entry to a host of attractions and on the public transports. In the following let’s read about our post: “top 5 tourist attractions in Gothenburg”. So here it is:


Slottsskogen-Castle Forest


There are so many things to see in Slottsskogen, such as the Natural History Museum, the Barnens-children zoo and also a family animal park (Djurgårdarna), where visitors can enjoy feeding seals. Slottskogen is also great for picnic. For entertainment it has a lot to offer such as golf courts, folk dances and pop concerts.

Liseborg Amusement Park

Being the largest amusement park in Scandinavia, the Liseborg amusement park attracts visitors from all ages as it offers great fun for everyone who decides to hit the park. There are varied concerts, which provide musical entertainment for visitors and the wonderful exotic flowers features a beautiful setting. In December the visitors can enjoy a Christmas Market where they can purchase typical Swedish souvenirs.

Archipelago of Southern Gothenburg

Archipelago of Southern Gothenburg


There are several beautiful islands in the archipelago all of them ideal for excursions and bathing. The most popular islands are the following: Asperö, Styrsö and Vrångö. During your stay you can also join to a boat tour end enjoy the fascinating view offered by the area.

Botanical Garden

It is known to be the largest botanical garden in the country, being home for about 12000plant species and also hosting bamboo grove, greenhouses, herb garden, bulb garden, rock garden and a beautiful Japanese valley. The Botanical garden has an enchanting atmosphere with many places to enjoy the beauty and relax.

Kungsportsavenyn (“Avenyn”)

Known as Avenyn-Avenue is the main street in the city center, full with shopping centers and restaurants. The avenue is 1 km long, where visitors can find The Museum of Art and other cultural establishments.

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