Top 5 Spa Resorts in Sweden

Varberg- Spa

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Sweden is popular for hosting a huge number of spas. For those who would like to take a rest and get away from their hectic lifestyle and pamper in an amazingly complex spa resort, this is the country for you. From North to South, there are world famous spa resorts which are waiting for you in scenic settings and friendly atmosphere. Here is a list with the top 5 spa resorts in Sweden, so it’s time to enjoy the holistic relaxation in every form.

Riksgränsen- Arctic spa adventure

Being situated in the Northern part of the country, Riksgränsen is located in Lapland, being famous for its dark winters, light summer and being home to the longest ski season in Sweden.The Riksgränsen spa offers Alpine Spa with traditional massage and various skin care treatments, yoga classes and sport medicine.

Gotland-Ecological Spa experience

Situated on the southernmost tip of the Swedish Island, Suderhälsan’s enchanting scenery attracts millions of tourists for trying unique spa experiences. This magical landscape of the Gotland Island offers a variety of spa facilities with solar and wind power and geothermal warming. There are heated treatment outdoor pools, massage and natural skin treatments, so everything is given for a pleasant health-care holiday.

Göteborg, for a historical spa visit

Located in the neighborhood of Göteborg, Hagabadet is a lovely place with an exclusive spa center, offering luxury cures like massage, facial and full body treatments and also heavy training in the gym and yoga. In the past, Hagabadet was a traditional communal bathhouse. Today, the spa has been restored, providing 4swimming pools, various treatment cabins,2 fitness studios, saunas and also restaurants and bars.


Located on the coast of Halland in Southern Sweden, Varberg hosts the lovely wooden cold bath house which dates back to 1902. The building it turned to be a monument belonging to the town’s heritage. In Varberg there are 3 full-scale spas offering various spa treatments, classic ones and some new therapies, such as Asian spa and Sami spa.

Loka Brunn

The waters in Loka Brunn are legendary in the country because of their healing powers. The Loka Brunn spa has long history in healing and vitality. Set in central Sweden in Dalarna, it offers facial, foot massage treatments as well. The spa lies in the neighborhood of the Royal Mud baths, where you can also have golf courses and you can easily take a tour to the variety of cultural and heritage sites.



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