Top 5 National Parks Listed as a World Heritage Site in Sweden

Small lake at Tivedens national park in Sweden


If you are interested about the preserved, valuable nature of Sweden, visiting the national parks would be the best way on order to reveal; the preserved nature of the country.There are 29 national parks in Sweden. The country was the first country in Europe which established national parks in order to the pristine nature be protected and preserved for the future generation. In the following let’s make a list with the t0p 5 national parks listed as a World Heritage Site in Sweden.

Sarek National Park

Nijak peak  in the Sarek National Park

©Sweden Rob Orthern/flickr

Sarek National Park hosting about 100 glaciers and 6 of the highest peaks of the country, the park is also mentioned as the jewel of Laponia. The park is famous for being home for about 2,000 square km of untouched wilderness and breathtaking beauty of the alpine peaks, rivers, and mountains. Although many of the mountains are difficult to ascend, there are some that offers enchanting views.

Muddus National Park

Also situated in the northern part of Sweden, in Lapland province, it also belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its enchanting natural landscape involves primeval forest with pine trees, large boggy grounds and deep ravines.

Padjelanta National Park

Padjelanta National Park

©Earl Oliver/flickr

Found in Norbotten Country in the Northern part of Sweden, it is one of the largest national parks in Sweden and it is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Laponia. Its landscape is varied, consisting of rolling hills and some smaller peaks, with a diversity of flora and rich fauna. There are various hiking trails in the surroundings of the park and cottage sites providing accommodations.

Stora Sjöfallet National Park

The Stora Sjöfallet is situated in Norbotten County, in northern Sweden, by the Norwegian border. Being a part of the Laponian area, the park is set in a wonderful setting, featuring some of the highest peaks of Sweden and some of the most amazing glaciers found in the country.

Abisko National Park

Abisko National Park


The Abisko National Park is another famous preserved site in the Swedish province of Lapland. The park with its Scentific Research Station is a prominent tourist attraction in the area. The park’s tourist station provides lodging and other amenities and facilities. The park also provides great cross-country skiing opportunities and other popular winter sport activities. Its fauna is abundant, hosting plenty of bird species, some of the most common species are: mammals, marten, stoat, lemming, moose, reindeer, arctic foxes, lynx and so one.

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