Top 5 Museums in Gothenburg

Gothenburg Museum of Art

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Gothenburg  or Göteborg is the second largest city in Sweden, turned to be a contemporary cultural melting pot and an international sport venue. If you are a person who prefer wandering around the museums, the city is the best choice for you, as it boasts a number of museums of high standards for any interests. Most of the museums are located in the fascinating city center, with convenient walking distance with each other. In order to get the most out of your museum trip, purchase a Gothenburg Pass which has numerous benefits: like free pass on public transport and free admission to the museums and other popular attractions. In order to help you find all of the major museums, we compiled a list with the top 5 museums in Gothenburg. So here they are:

Boras Museum of Art

Boras Museum of Art


Established in 1975, the Boras Museum of Art exhibits a collection of modern artworks with more than 3,500 pieces. The museum exhibits artworks of Swedish artist from the last decades. The museum complex has 3 floors with a relatively big auditorium. Most of the visitors came to the museum to see P.A. Hall exhibition which showcases the artist’s many miniature paintings. P.A. Hall was King Louis XVI’s favorite artist.

Museum of Cultural History

Known as Stadsmuseet or City Museum, the historical museum hosts an exhibition of rare pieces from the city of Gothenburg as well as from different parts of the world. For the families the museum has a unique event every last Sunday of the month between January and May, when it holds a special family exhibit.

Emigrants House or Emigranternas Hus

It was inaugurated in the year of 2003, located in an old customs building which in the earlier times validated and processed the travel papers of Swedish people, those who wanted to move overseas. Inside of the building there is an exhibition, consisting of letters, photos and travel documents from the history of Swedish emigration. Visitors can also trace their family tree by using the computerized genealogy facilities.

The Göteborgs Maritima Centrum

Göteborgs Maritima Centrum


The Göteborgs Maritima Centrum it turned to be the largest ship museum in the world with unique exhibitions. The collection includes boats in the form of lighthouse ship, submarine, and a towboat and destroyer. The marine in the most representative item in the museum, as it features narrow passages and small cabins.

The Gothenburg Museum of Art

The Gothenburg Museum of Art is considered to be the most significant museum in the city which boasts a vast array of Nordic art from the 15th to the 20th century. However visitors can also find the pieces of such European artists like Van Gogh and Monet. The museum’s masterpiece is considered to be a painting that features the funeral procession of King Karl XII. There are also unique pieces of artistic and historical sculptures.

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