Top 5 destinations in Sweden for 2014

Gothenburg Alex of Gothenburg/Flickr

Gothenburg ©Alex of Gothenburg/Flickr

Sweden is an extremely colorful country, being home to a large variety of unique landmarks and destinations. Sweden is very attractive among tourists, dragging innumerable visitors each year. If you are thinking about visiting Sweden this year, I recommend you to read the following guide. Below I will present you the top 5 destinations in Sweden for 2014. I recommend you not to miss such a fantastic country. Choose one or even more of the following destinations: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Skåne, Kosterhavet, and Visby. I suggest you to visit as many destinations as you can. You will surely have part of one of the biggest experiences of your life.


Stockholm is with no doubt one of the top 5 destinations in Sweden. The Swedish capital city is considered by many one of Europe’s and even the entire world’s most beautiful cities. The city has a breathtaking setting, being built on 14 islands, where lake meets the sea. Stockholm is probably best-known for its amazing architecture, but it is also famous for its progressiveness, food, design, trend and usage of technology.

Gamla Stan, Stockholm JodocusDeunk/Flickr

Gamla Stan, Stockholm ©JodocusDeunk/Flickr


Another extremely popular city in Sweden is Gothenburg. It is considered to be the “capital of West Sweden”. This wonderful, but small city offers amazing sceneries like cobblestone streets, picturesque open spaces and gorgeous tiny canals to explore. Gothenburg is also famous for housing the country’s largest botanical garden. Among the highlights of the city are impressive museums, architectural jewels, great food markets and Michelin starred restaurants.

Gothenburg Alex of Gothenburg/Flickr

Gothenburg ©Alex of Gothenburg/Flickr


Skåne is considered to present one of the country’s most breathtaking natural areas. The region is a perfect destination for tourists who prefer peaceful atmosphere and gorgeous natural views. The province of Skåne actually occupies a peninsula and presents beautiful fields, vast forests and chalk-white beaches at the same time, being an excellent summer destination.


One of the several national parks of Sweden, the Kosterhavet National Marine Park is surely one of the top 5 destinations of Sweden for 2014. It actually protects the Koster Islands which can be found about a two-hour drive from Gothenburg. With breathtaking coastlines, beautiful small fishing villages and gorgeous landscapes, the marine park is a must-visit.


Last, but not least attractive of Sweden’s destinations is Visby. The beautiful port city is located in the west coast of Gotland. Several sights of Visby have been inscribed on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Besides, the city is attractive for its two-mile medieval stone wall which actually encircles the city. Its nightlife and cuisine are also very famous.

Typical Visby street roger4336/Flickr

Typical Visby street ©roger4336/Flickr


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