Top 5 Beaches in Sweden

Helsingborg Tropical Beach  in  Skåne


We have to say, that in general the Swedish beaches are not so popular, the reason might be that, as we are talking about the largest Scandinavian country, people associate a really cold climate with Sweden. However, you should definitely think about it, because the Southern region of the country is famous for hosting popular beaches, which are very popular summer destination spots as well. So here is a list with the Top 5 beaches in Sweden, note that there are some more , so it is sure that you are bound to find something for a great beach holiday.

Långholmsbadet and Smedsuddsbadet



Långholmsbadet and Smedsuddsbadet are the two popular beaches in the area of Stockholm. These two beaches are so famous, that it can get a bit crowded on the peak seasons, but they are very pleasant. Both of them are real sandy beaches with calm waters and many locals, it is also ideal for fresco lunching. The recreational areas of the beaches are satisfying all of the visitor’s demands.


Situated in the Southern part of Sweden, it is known as the sunniest beach in Sweden. The closest city is Motola. Windsurfing, kayaking and volleyball are all popular activities. There are not too many people, so it is quite peaceful. Either you rent a cottage on the beaches or stay in the city of Motola, you definitely won’t regret it, as it is a great beach for a perfect holiday.


ribersborg beach


Malmö is a very pleasant city that hosts its own downtown beach: Ribersborg which is often mentioned as Scandinavia’s Copacabana. Ribersborg is a 2.5 km long beach which on summer days is filled up with locals and visitors as well. The beach resort offers many facilities for beach relaxations, idyllic green areas bars and restaurants, nude beaches and dog areas as well.


The beaches in Skåne are considered to be the Swedish Riviera. The area offers miles of soft sand beaches. Most of the visitors come from the neighboring Denmark. Skane is Sweden’s southernmost province a true beach paradise with long wonderful beaches and lapping waves. So everything is given for a great holiday.


Situated on the Öland Island, Böda is a 12km long beach resort with many sport activities and  camping availabilities, so it is a perfect spot with countless adventures, there are golf playing abilities as well.

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