The Most Significant Sport Events Held Annually in Sweden

Stockholm Marathon


Due to its ideal weather conditions real winters and warm summers and thanks to the regional diversity of Sweden the country is ideal for any sport practicing. The variety of sports practiced in the country attracts tourist from different parts of the world. It is a very successful nation in international sports. So being the country where almost any sport can be played, there are world famous sport events held annually. Watching the events is the most popular pastime in Sweden. Here is a list, especially for sport lovers, with the most significant sport events held annually in Sweden. If you are a real sport fan, you definitely have to take part in some of them.

Gothia-Cup in Gothenburg

Gothia Cup Opening Ceremony's


It is the largest junior tournament in the world. Gothenburg is a very popular city in Sweden close to the harbor and to the see. Thanks to the  Gothia Cup it is the most international city. The Gothia Cup is considered to be the world’s largest international youth football tournament. The city offers plenty of things to do and everything is within walking distance.


The 30 km Lidingö-loppet is considered to be the largest cross-country race in the world for the best runners for both men and women. The record regarding of participants dates back to 1982 when there were 11 763 participants enrolled to the race.

O Ringen

O Ringen is an orienteering race, held in July. All sexes from all ranges can take part into the race. The main tools in the races are: a map, a compass and a clock. The race is so popular that it is broad casted in the national television.

Stockholm Marathon

Held in June, it is the most prestigious marathon in the capital city. During the race the streets are crowded with spectators  encouraging  the participants of the race.

Tjej-milen, Stockholm

Tjej-milen is a running race as well, held on the last Sunday of August.  It is a 10 km long marathon for women.


The most famous sport event of all of the international sports is Vasaloppet. It is a 90 km cross country skiing race in Sälen to Mora. The first race dates back to 1922, today the race is so popular that there are always more applicants than are allowed.


Held annually in June it is a 300 km long bicycle race for both sexes in a colorful natural environment.

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