The largest lakes in Sweden

Siljan lake Liam and Hels/Flickr

Siljan lake ©Liam and Hels/Flickr

Sweden is one of the most visited countries. The topography of this beautiful country is changing, thanks to the wonderful varied relief and beautiful lakes to visit. If your next holiday destination is Sweden, I suggest you to visit the largest lakes, you will not regret it. This beautiful country attracts innumerable recreational and entertainment opportunities for visitors of the lakes’ areas.

If you are interested in a visit to these natural attractions, read on. I will give you some information about the largest lakes in Sweden. In this amazing country there is an incredible number of lakes – 97.500 by number, so you might really visit it if you love lakes.


Vänern is the largest lake in Sweden and the third largest in Europe. This lake has an area of 5,655 km² and a depth of 106 m. It is situated in south-west Sweden. The surrounding area’s cities are well-known for the fishing industry due to the presence of the lake. One can catch many different species of fish. The landscape is wonderful and makes it a must. I suggest you to visit the beautiful Vänern Lake.

Vänern Lake flurdy/Flickr

Vänern Lake ©flurdy/Flickr


Vättern is the second largest lake in the country and the sixth largest lake in Europe. This wonderful lake is situated in south-central Sweden. The total surface is about 1,912 km². The lake is associated with the miracle of Saint Catherine. I suggest you to visit this wonderful lake, because it would be such a shame to miss a natural wonder.

Vattern Lake mikecogh/Flickr

Vattern Lake ©mikecogh/Flickr


Hjälmaren is situates adjacent to Mälaren Lake, through which it drains into the Baltic Sea, west of Stockholm. It is the fourth largest lake in Sweden, being about 63 km long, about 20 km wide and 6 m deep, having a surface of 482 km². Hjälmaren has become an iconic part of the country due the music festivals occurring here.


Torneträsk is one of the most visited lakes in northern Scandinavia, because this wonderful lake is famous for its national parks, being situated in Lapland. Torneträsk is situated in the Scandinavian mountain range. It is the seventh largest lake in Sweden, but the second deepest. Torneträsk originated from the remnant of a glacier, which has given it a depth of 168 m. This wonderful lake is usually ice-covered between December and June.


Mälaren is the third largest lake in Sweden with an area of 1,140 km². The easternmost bay of Mälaren lies in central Stockholm and it is called Riddarfjärden. If you visit the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, I suggest you to visit this amazing lake, you will not regret it.


Siljan is the sixth largest lake is Sweden with an area of 354 km² and depth of 120 m. This lake is situated in south-western Sweden, near Mora, Orsa and Boda cities. Some people say that near the lake oil can be found. The Silijan Lake is a must-visit.

Siljan lake Liam and Hels/Flickr

Siljan Lake ©Liam and Hels/Flickr


This gorgeous lake is the fifth largest lake in Sweden with an area of 464 km² and depth of 74 m. It is located in the province of J?mtland. Storsjön is one of the most visited lakes in Sweden, because people hope that they can see here a similar animal with Nessi, and nowadays reports appear with subjects about somebody who’s been seen it.

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