The best zoos in Sweden

Borås Djurpark Kakakrokodil/Flickr

Borås Djurpark ©Kakakrokodil/Flickr

If you love animals and you like to visit zoos, your perfect holiday destination is Sweden. Before traveling to a foreign country, it is good to know which sights are rewarded to visit. In Sweden you can visit the following zoological gardens: Järvzoo, Kolmården Wildlife Park, Skånes Djurpark, Skansen, Borås djurpark zoo and so on. Below I will present you the best zoos in Sweden. In this wonderful country you can visit many zoos, but I will present you only the best, the largest and most visited ones.

In case you are travelling with the children, visiting zoos is recommended. The kids love the animals and always enjoy a visit to a zoo. If you would like to please them, take them to at least one of the below mentioned zoological gardens.


Järvzoo is actually a Wildlife Park situated in South-East Sweden. This wonderful zoo is one of the longest in Europe, with exactly a two miles long boardwalk. In Järvzoo can admire the fascinating wildlife of the Nordic World like elks, wolfs, bears, lynxes, beautiful birds of prey and arctic foxes. This zoo is recommended for children. I suggest you to visit it.

Kolmården Wildlife Park

Kolmården Wildlife Park is situated in South Sweden, near Bråviken city. This amazing wildlife park is one of the most visited in Sweden. In this wonderful zoo you can see dolphins, tigers, brown-bears, snakes, addax antelopes, gorillas, elephants, polar bears and other beautiful animals. Kolmården Wildlife Park is divided into many parts like the safari park, the dolphinarium or the tropicarium. If you love animals, this wildlife park is the perfect destination to you.

Skansen Zoo

This wonderful zoological garden is the first open air museum and zoo of Sweden, situated on the island of Djurgården, in Stockholm. In this wonderful open air museum and zoo you can visit different species of animals like lynxes, brown bears, red foxes, reptiles, not to mention the animal farms. Skansen  attracts about 1.3 millions visitors each year. In Christmas season can visit the Christmas market of the zoo, which attracts about 25.000 visitors. This amazing open air museum and zoo had become a model for other Scandinavian open air museum.

Skansen zoo m.prinke/Flickr

Skansen zoo ©m.prinke/Flickr

Skånes Djurpark

Skånes Djurpark is situated in Höör Municipality, South Sweden. In this wonderful zoological garden you can visit 900 animals of 100 species. Skånes Djurpark is specialized on animals of the Nordic fauna. If you like only the North Sweden fauna, your prefect place is the Skånes Djurpark. I suggest you to visit it.

Skånes Djurpark Giam/Flickr

Skånes Djurpark ©Giam/Flickr

Borås Djurpark

Borås Djurpark is one of the largest zoos in the northern part of Sweden, with an area of 40 hectares. In this wonderful zoo you can admire 80 different species of animals, totally 500 individuals. Not only Scandinavian animals can be found here, you can see animals from all parts of the World. I suggest you to visit the Borås Djurpark, you will not regret it.

Borås Djurpark Kakakrokodil/Flickr

Borås Djurpark ©Kakakrokodil/Flickr


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