The best urban destinations in Sweden

Malmo s.goalzer/Flickr

Malmo ©s.goalzer/Flickr

There are innumerable destinations in Sweden, which are beloved by tourists. Among the most visited destinations are some cities including Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Kosterhavet and Marstrand. These cities are homes to some fantastic sights like museums, theatres, parks, national parks, great hotels, beaches and so on. If you like sight seeing tours, Sweden can be the best destination for you.

Below, I will present you the best urban destinations in Sweden. If you decide it to visit one of these astonishing cities, I am convinced that you will turn home with unforgettable memories.


Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and the most visited Scandinavian city. Stockholm is considerate one of the world’s most beautiful cities. This wonderful city was built on fourteen islands where lakes meet with the sea. In capital of Sweden you can visit innumerable wonders, like the historical old town Gamla Stan, the National Museum, Royal Dramatic Theatre, Royal Swedish Opera, Stockholm City Museum and the Gröna Lund amusement park. Near the wonderful city you can visit the Stockholm Archipelago, a maritime landscape of more than 30.000 islands.

Stockholm EEPaul/Flickr

Stockholm ©EEPaul/Flickr


Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden, and one of the most visited Swedish cities. Gothenburg is situated in west coast Sweden. In this astonishing city you can visit Sweden’s largest botanical garden, where you can see more than 16.000 species of wonderful plants. In the wonderful Gothenburg it is meritorious to visit the Central Station, the Gothenburg Opera, the giant Skanskaskrapan and so on.

Gothenburg Alan Light/Flickr

Gothenburg ©Alan Light/Flickr


Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden by population after Stockholm and Gothenburg and one of the most visited Scandinavian cities. This wonderful city is very popular for the Swedish cuisine and drinks. In Malmö you can visit the most popular restaurants and bars, where you can taste the traditional drinks and foods.

If you are interested in opera, in this city you can visit the Malmö Opera, Malmö Academy of Music. Other tourist attraction what is meritorious to visit is the St. Peter Church, Moderna Museet, Malmö Arena and so on.

Malmo s.goalzer/Flickr

Malmo ©s.goalzer/Flickr


Marstrand Island is situated near Gothenburg. Swedish people say that Marstrand is the second ”Hollywood” as home of royalty celebrities. On this rich island you can see wonderful wooden homes and colorful streets. Marstrand is a very popular holiday destination for tourists because there you can enjoy the wonderful seaside and blue oceans with rocks. If you would like to spend an unforgettable holiday in a Swedish urban destination, Marstand is a perfect place to go.

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