The best traditional Swedish drinks

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Sweden is a greatly healthy country because Swedes are very scrupulous about what they eat and drink. They also know to have fun and how to spend their holidays or occasional festivals. During these festivals like Easter, Christmas and Mid- Summer Swedes have their typical traditional drinks, for example Filmjölk, Saft, Julmust, Cider and Glögg. Below I will present you the best traditional Swedish drinks. If you are planning a journey to this fantastic country and you would like to taste these drinks, I suggest you to read on. The following guide might come in handy, especially if you are interested in the ingredients the drinks include.


Filmjölk is one of the most popular Swedish drinks. Swedes love the Filmjölk. Some people have one every morning, consuming it with cereals, honey and fruits. This drink is very similar to a joghourt because it contains protein and calcium. Adults and children both like Filmjölk. If you love joghourts, I think this drink will be your favorite one.

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Julmust is another traditional drink which is usually consumed during Christmas season. It is good to know that Julmust is actually a non-alcoholic drink, resembling to Filmjölk. This drink contains as ingredients spices and soda water. The main difference between these two drinks is that Julmust is an occasional drink while Filmjölk is a daily drink.

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Cider is well-known in many countries all over the world, especially in Northern European countries. This traditional and popular drink is a favorite for many people. The delicious Cider is made of apple, using a process of fermentation. During winter season Swedes add to this drink different spices and serve this warm. Cider is usually consumed during occasional festivals like anniversary parties and during summer months.

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Saft is one of the best traditional Swedish drinks which is very popular among children because it contains soda water and fruit syrup. Of course, it is not an alcoholic drink. It is very similar with other juices, the only difference being the fact that Saft doesn’t contain as much sugar as others do. Swedish people prefer to buy fresh fruit like raspberry, blueberry, lingonberry, elderberry and make themselves healthy drinks for the whole family.


This mulled wine has returned back in the Nordic tradition. They can serve this drink during Christmas season and the feast of St. Lucia. It is an alcoholic drink but there are some variations of non-alcoholic Glogg for children. Glogg is very delicious served with raisins and almonds.


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