The best Swedish cities to visit during autumn

Gothenburg Book Fair festival webjoy/Flickr

Gothenburg Book Fair festival ©webjoy/Flickr

If you prefer to travel in fall season and your holiday destination is Sweden, I suggest you to read this guide. Sweden is very popular thanks to the abundance of attractions and events, including fall events. In this astonishing country you have innumerable possibilities to attend festivals and events.

Sweden is also famous for being home to wonderful parks, nature reserve and forests. If you would like to admire the wonderful fall foliage relaxing in the fantastic parks, I recommend you the best Swedish cities to visit during autumn. These are the following:  Stockholm, Gothenburg and Lund. If you would like to have a great fall vacation, I suggest you to visit any of these cities, you will not regret it.


Stockholm is very popular for local people and tourists during autumn. If you like festivals and different events, Stockholm can be one of the best places to visit. One of the most popular festivals in Stockholm is the Nordiska Museet Choklad Festival. This festival is very popular for people who like chocolate. During this festival you can taste many types of chocolate like dark, white, chili and tequila flavored chocolate.

Nordiska Museet Choklad Festival is open for kids and adults alike. The prices are acceptable and the festival starts on the 14th October and finishes on the 15th October.  (September 2013)

Stockholm is also a favorite place for walkers. About 30% of the total territory of the city is occupied by green spaces. Therefore, Stockholm is one of the best Swedish destinations to admire the colorful fall foliage and the changing nature.

Nordiska Museet Choklad Festival frettir/Flickr

Nordiska Museet Choklad Festival ©frettir/Flickr


Gothenburg is the second most popular and largest city in Sweden. If you like cultural festivals, Gothenburg can be your perfect place if you want to attend autumn festivals. In this wonderful city you can attend for example the Gothenburg Book Fair festival. This festival is one of the most popular festivals in the city. This festival occurs between the 26th September and 29th of September. (September 2013)

If you are a book-worm, you will love this event, as there are presented hundreds or even thousands of excellent books. This festival is an international book and cultural fair which will be held in the Svenska Mässan Exhibition and Congress Centre. If you plan to attend this event, I’m sure that you will not regret is.

Gothenburg Book Fair festival webjoy/Flickr

Gothenburg Book Fair ©webjoy/Flickr


Lund is also popular for its fantastic cultural and natural sights, also for its fantastic autumn festivals. If you are a fan of films and famous film stars, your perfect destination will be Lund. This year there will be organized here Scandinavian’s largest and most famous film festival named the Lund International Fantastic Film Festival. The festival will take place between the 26th and 29th of September. (September 2013)

Lund International Fantastic Film Festival ClevelandFilm/Flickr

Lund International Fantastic Film Festival ©ClevelandFilm/Flickr

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