The best outdoor activities in Sweden

Dog Sledding Sweden US Embassy Sweden/Flickr

Dog Sledding Sweden ©US Embassy Sweden/Flickr

If your next holiday destination is Sweden, it is good to know what kind of outdoor activities you can practice. Below I will give some information about the best outdoor activities in Sweden. If you like skiing, snowboarding, would like to experience dog sledding, canoeing and quad biking, this wonderful country is your perfect holiday destination. Besides, Sweden is one of the most visited Scandinavian countries.

I suggest you to try out as many as you can of these outdoor activities, you will surely not regret it. Anything you would choose, you will surely have part of an unforgettable travel experience and will return home with some amazing memories.


If you like skiing, Sweden is a perfect holiday destination for you. You can choose from different ski resorts, depending on the altitude and the snow depth. In this wonderful country you have 7 possibilities to enjoy skiing which are the following: Bydalen, Nya Dundret, Hemavan, Funäsdalen, Funäsfjalen, Idre Fjäll and Tänndalen. Each of the 7 ski centres includes hotels, restaurants, ski lifts, rental equipments and others. These ski paradises range from 3- to 5-stars.


Sweden is one of the most popular snowboarding paradises. Riksgransen and Are are the most popular places to practice this outdoor activity. In these places you can rent equipments and you can stay at great hotels, motels, eat in fast-food restaurants or other kind of restaurants. Riksgransen and Are are recommended for family trips or sole trips. I suggest you to visit these snowboard paradises, you will not regret it.

Snowboarding Sweden Tijs Zwinkels/Flickr

Snowboarding Sweden ©Tijs Zwinkels/Flickr

Dog Sledding

If you like huskies and trips in midnight sun, your perfect outdoor activity is dog sledding. In the Swedish Mountains or in Lapland, at the Arctic Circle you can enjoy this amazing and unique activity with lovely huskies. Dog sledding is a kind of ski in the Swedish Mountains through snowy forests, across lakes and mountains. I suggest you to try this enjoyable outdoor activity, too.

Dog Sledding Sweden US Embassy Sweden/Flickr

Dog Sledding Sweden ©US Embassy Sweden/Flickr


Canoeing in Sweden gives you excellent opportunities for intimate and personal encounters with some of the area’s rich wildlife. If you like canoeing, your destination is Svartälven. The “Black River” is one of Sweden’s best canoeing waters. The Svartälven region is a wonderful area, perfect for practicing this outdoor activity.

Canoeing in Sweden ProAdventure/Flickr

Canoeing in Sweden ©ProAdventure/Flickr

Quad biking

If your favorite outdoor activity is the quad biking, your perfect destination is Kangos in Sweden. The fantastic views can be an unforgettable experience to you. By quad biking you can discover the North Sweden wildlife, rivers and forests 24 hours. I suggest you to try this outdoor activity, because it will surely be memorable.

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