The best events of Stockholm

Stockholm Marathon Peppe702/Flickr

Stockholm Marathon ©Peppe702/Flickr

If you love and enjoy festivals, the perfect place for you is the city of Stockholm. There are organized several different festivals every year. I suggest you to attend the festivals, because I am sure you will not regret it. With these events Stockholm offers annual entertainment options for tourist and for local people. If you are interested in these festivals, read this article and decide which one to choose. Below I will present you the best events of Stockholm, for instance: Stockholm Pride, Stockholm Jazz Festival, Nobel Banquet, Stockholm Marathon and so on. These festivals are organized between June and December.

Stockholm Jazz Festival

The Stockholm Jazz festival is one of the oldest festivals in Sweden. This enjoyable festival was grounded in 1980. The festival takes place in different places all over the city. Famous Swedish and international jazz musicians play on the festival every year. The event is considered one of the most important Swedish festivals. The Jazz Festival attracts large numbers of people from all around the world. If you love jazz, this event is a must for you.

Stockholm Jazz Festival Freddie boy/Flickr

Stockholm Jazz Festival ©Freddie boy/Flickr

Nobel Banquet

Nobel Banquet is an annual international Swedish event. The Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel had set the prizes in 1895. The awards were given in different sectors for instances: Chemistry, Physiology, Medicine, Physics and Literature. At the Nobel Banquet dissimilar prizes are given to winners every year. Winners get a gold medal, a sum of money and a diploma.

Stockholm Marathon

The Stockholm Marathon is an annual festival being held since 1979. In 2009 more than 18.500 participants were registered. The Stockholm Marathon usually begins at the end of May or in early June. This entertaining and interesting festival is distinguishing from the London, Paris and New York marathons which start on Sunday morning, the Stockholm Marathon starting on Saturday morning. The marathon takes place in different parts of the city.

Stockholm Marathon Peppe702/Flickr

Stockholm Marathon ©Peppe702/Flickr

Stockholm Pride

This annual event is a gay pride festival held in the capital of Sweden since 1998. It starts usually on Mondays with exhibitions and lectures spread all over the city. This festival is usually organized in the Pride House, in central Stockholm. There are different seminars, workshop, debates, film, theatre and other performances offered to the visitors. The Pride House is open between Wednesday and Sunday, every afternoon and evening appearing famous artists on the stage. Many people enjoy this festival on the streets and in different gay clubs. The Stockholm Pride is organized at the end of July, early August.

Stockholm Pride Jon Aslund/Flickr

Stockholm Pride ©Jon Aslund/Flickr


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