The best cities along the Baltic Sea Coast

Stockholm Harbour jinxsi1960/Flickr

Stockholm Harbour ©jinxsi1960/Flickr

Sweden, as we know, is one of the most popular countries in Scandinavia. This wonderful country is full of natural jewels and cultural sights. If you are planning your holiday in Sweden and you would like to visit cities near the sea, I suggest you to visit the best cities along the Baltic SeaCoast and combine seaside holiday with great sightseeing tours! These cities are the following: Stockholm, Uppsala, Lund, Malmö, Visby and so on. These astonishing cities are among the most popular holiday destinations in the country. If you like seaside, shopping spots and cultural attractions, one of these urban destinations might be a favorite place for you.


Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and one of the most visited destinations is the country. In the wonderful city you can visit innumerable cultural sights like the Stockholm City Hall, the Royal Swedish Opera, the Stockholm City Museum and so on. Besides the wonderful cultural sights you can enjoy the wonderful harbor near the old town Gamla Stan. You can also rent a boat and enjoy a great boat trip on the astonishing Baltic Sea.

Stockholm Harbour jinxsi1960/Flickr

Stockholm Harbour ©jinxsi1960/Flickr


Uppsala is the fourth largest city in Sweden and is situated about 71 km far from the capital city. In the astonishing city you can visit the wonderful Uppsala Cathedral, Uppsala Castle, the Botanical Garden and other wonderful cultural and natural jewels. Near Uppsala can be found one of the most important shipping routs and there is also a wonderful harbor dating from the Viking Age. Also, in this harbor you can enjoy boat trips on the Baltic Sea.


Lund is a wonderful city in Scania Province, in southern Sweden. Lund is one of the most religious cities. The city houses innumerable cultural and natural jewels like the Lund Cathedral, the University Library, the Grand Hotel and so on. The wonderful Lund harbor is situated between the cities of Lund and Malmö. If you like boat trips, Lund can be your perfect destination.

Lund coastline saketvora/Flickr

Lund coastline ©saketvora/Flickr


Malmö is the third official recognized metropolitan area in the country. This wonderful city is situated in southern Sweden. I suggest you to visit this wonderful city because you can visit here many cultural and natural jewels like St. Peter Church, Malmö Arena, Malmö Synagogue and so on. In the wonderful city you can enjoy the beach and boat trips. You have many possibilities to relax and enjoy your holiday near the sea and in the city.


Visby is situated in Gotland Municipality, on the island of Gotland. If you like trips and nature, Visby can be your perfect destination. This city is very small, but full of astonishing cultural jewels. Also Visby is a Baltic Sea Coast settlement and is very popular for organizing boat trips for a few days or for a week. I hope if you choose Visby, you will return home with great memories.

Visby Mackabee/Flickr

Visby, view over the sea ©Mackabee/Flickr

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