The best Christmas markets in Sweden

Gifts at Swedish Christmas Market Bengt Nyman/Flickr

Gifts at Swedish Christmas Market ©Bengt Nyman/Flickr

Christmas markets make some of the best reasons to visit Europe during the winter season. There are held fantastic Christmas markets in several European countries, including Germany, Austria, France and so on. Sweden makes no exception. There are numerous amazing Christmas markets held in several Swedish cities before Christmas. Swedish Christmas markets or Advent markets are extremely popular among both locals and tourists. These markets actually highlight many Christmas traditions of the country, including the consumption of glögg (a delicious hot spicy wine). If you are interested in the best Christmas markets of Sweden, read the following guide.

Stockholm Christmas Markets

Stockholm hosts perhaps the most magical Christmas markets in Sweden. There are numerous areas in the capital city which host fantastic Christmas markets during December. The Old Town (Gamla Stan) and Skansen make no exception. Such markets have been held here since 1915.

Beautiful red stalls sell warm “glögg”, delicious candy, gingerbread, cheese and different crafts every day, from late November until Christmas. If you are planning to visit the capital city of Sweden, don’t miss the Christmas market in Gamla Stan.

Stockholm Christmas Market Bengt Nyman/Flickr

Stockholm Christmas Market ©Bengt Nyman/Flickr

Gothenburg Christmas Markets

Between the 30th of November and 22nd of December, Gothenburg will offer some fascinating Christmas markets this year, too. Christmas season actually begins with the illumination of white lights along the beautiful Lane of Light. The Old Quarter, Kronhuset and even the famous Liseberg Amusement Park host fantastic Christmas markets.

Besides tasting seasonal goodies like the “glögg”, you can also buy different crafts, costumes and others. Ice skating is also available in central Gothenburg, on Heden.

Gamla Stan Christmas Market AndersLindgren/Flickr

Gamla Stan Christmas Market ©AndersLindgren/Flickr

Malmö Christmas Markets

The city of Malmö simply goes mad for markets and decorations around Christmas. There are hosted numerous Christmas markets and offered ice skating, not to mention the ice sculptures. For an entire month (30 November to 30 December 2013) the central part of Malmö turns into a Christmas fairy tale. Visit the city during this period and meet Father Christmas, go ice skating and taste seasonal goodies.

Liseberg Christmas Market

Sweden’s largest Christmas market is the one held at the famous Liseberg Amusement Park. With about 5 million of Christmas lights, you can expect for a magical Christmas at Liseberg.

Between the 15th of November and 23rd of December 2013, the amazing Christmas market offers 70 wonderful rustic stalls which sell crafts, goodies, mulled wine, “glögg”, arts and so on. If you are looking for an unforgettable Christmas experience, visit Liseberg!

Gifts at Swedish Christmas Market Bengt Nyman/Flickr

Gifts at Swedish Christmas Market ©Bengt Nyman/Flickr


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