Swedish Lapland adventures

Dog sledding blakenjordan Flickr

Dog sledding ©blakenjordan Flickr

Do you like adventures and outdoor activities? If your answer is yes, I suggest you to visit one of the world’s most fantastic places, Swedish Lapland. In this fantastic area you can enjoy the wonderful nature, the amazing snow and ice covered landscapes. Before you are travelling in a foreign country, it is good to know what kind of adventures are waiting for you.

Therefore below I will present you some Swedish Lapland adventures which can be practiced in summer time and winter season at the same time. In summer time one of the most popular adventures is horse riding and kayaking.  In the winter season you have many possibilities to enjoy the fantastic Swedish Lapland like dog sledding, ice fishing and to admire the fantastic Northern Light.

Horse riding

If you decide to visit Swedish Lapland in summer time, one of the perfect adventures can be horse riding. If you like horses and adventures, this sport can be an unforgettable adventure to you. A pleasant and cool summer evening offers the perfect time to horse riding in the wonderful nature and it can be a fantastic adventure.

Horse riding blakenjordan/Flickr

Horse riding ©blakenjordan/Flickr


Another popular adventure to you can be kayaking. In summer time the local people organize many kayaking trips for tourists for two or three days. On these trips you can enjoy the wild Swedish Lapland, its virgin nature and fantastic wildlife. Can you imagine how wonderful can kayaking be in the fantastic nature in the sunset?!

Dog sledding

Do you like dogs like huskies? If the answer is yes, the perfect winter adventure to you is dog sledding. If you would like to try dog sledding and to admire the wonderful snow-covered mountains and forests, Swedish Lapland can be one of the perfect destinations. These beautiful and loyal dogs can give you unforgettable memories by this adventurous sport practiced in the fantastic nature.

Dog sledding blakenjordan Flickr

Dog sledding ©blakenjordan Flickr


If you like fishing, but you would like to try the ice-fishing, I suggest you to plan your vacation in the Swedish Lapland. If you like adventures and the winter season, the ice-fishing will be your perfect entertainment option. The local people and experts can give you advices in the ice-fishing.

Admiring the Northern Light

If you are curious to see one of the most amazing phenomenas of nature, the Northern Light, Swedish Lapland is one of the perfect destinations to you. The Northern Light or Aurora Borealis can be seen only during the winter season. The Northern Light can be an unforgettable experience to you.

Northern light kingfisherfarm1111/Flickr

Northern light ©kingfisherfarm1111/Flickr

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