Sweden’s weirdest hotels

Photos from TreeHotel, Harads, Arctic Sweden


Weather you are thinking about a winter or a summer break, Sweden offers great opportunities for a memorable holiday. Its scenic landscape attracts millions of tourists, who are interested about the great outdoor activities available in the country. Because it is a favorite destination spot, there are vast arrays of accommodations in the country, from the luxury hotels to budget accommodations. However in the following we tried to collect the Sweden’s weirdest hotels. Some of them it might sound a bit strange but they all guarantee a unique and outstanding experiences.

Treehotel, Harads

The Tree Hotel is a unique concept of the hotel designs. It was opened in 2010 and it involves 6 rooms all created in a perspective of ecological values in a harmony with nature, as visitors are sleeping under the trees while the wind is passing through the forest.

Icehotel, Kiruna

IceHotel, Kiruna


Being the largest hotel made of snow and ice in the world, the Icehotel consists of 60 rooms. It is opened between December and April, and you do not have to worry because of the cold, as the temperature is no lower than 23 Fahrenheit. Book in advance as it is always full. You have to wear a full thermal suit under your clothes. The hotel is built from scratch in Kiruna in Swedish Lapland. It is a true adventure as visitors are in ice rooms surrounded by ice walls, ice ceiling and ice furniture. We have to admit that the rooms are quite expensive but if we think about its uniqueness we can say that it can be a real adventure.

Utter Inn, Västerås

Utter Inn, Västerås

©Bjorn Bore/flickr

Floating on the Lake Mälaren, Utter Inn is a very popular underwater hotel consisting of a floating bridge and an underwater room. The bridge features a typical Swedish farmhouse. The single room has panorama windows in 4 directions so fishes are watching you, no doubt it is a remarkable experience as you are in an underwater aquarium.

Room Silver Mine, Sala

Located more than 155 m under ground, Room Silver Mine is the world’s deepest hotel. Visitors can choose from double room or family room, there is also a guided tour included in the price, so do not hesitate set off to enjoy a few days filled with adventure.

Salt & Sill, Tjörn

It is Sweden’s first floating hotel, located on the west coast. The hotel has 23 rooms and an outdoor Jacuzzi and it also boasts the fastest sauna on the world. All of the rooms have their outdoor seating area. The Salt & Sill restaurant offers delicious seafood and do not miss out the Harring Platter which is the specialty of the restaurant.

Kolarbyn, Hallstahammar

The Kolarbyn won the Ecotourism prize in 2009 and the Grand Travel Award, it is considered to be the most primitive hotel in Sweden, however in a very idyllic atmosphere in the wilderness in a wonderful forest setting.

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