Sweden’s port cities

Halmstad's port Jacob Wodzyriski/Flickr

Halmstad’s port ©Jacob Wodzyriski/Flickr

If your next holiday destination is Sweden, but you still don’t know what destinations to choose within the country, I suggest you to visit its wonderful port cities. In this spectacular Scandinavian country you can visit six port cities. If you like to relax near the sea or rivers, to get around by boats and to visit cities, Sweden is your perfect holiday destination. A great thing about port cities is that these are easily accessible by boats and ships, too.

Below I will present you Sweden’s most beautiful port cities. Not many European countries have six port cities, so Sweden is a special country and if you decide to visit these port cities, you will not regret it. These six wonderful port cities are: the capital of Sweden – Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Malmö, Trelleborg and Halmstad.


We know that Stockholm is the largest and most beautiful city in Sweden, but you probably don’t know that it is a port city. Stockholm is a top destination of Sweden, because it has dozens of tourist attraction like old buildings, churches, parks and ports. This amazing city is crossed by the river Mälaren. On the left bank of the river you can visit the old town, Gamla Stan, dating from the 13th century.


Gothenburg is famous for owning the largest port of Sweden and even of the Nordic countries. The number of tourists is increasing every year partly due to its magnificent visitor attractions such as Liseberg – one of the world’s top amusement parks. This wonderful city includes other tourist attractions, too, like historical buildings, churches, museums, theatres, parks and so on. I suggest you to visit Gothenburg because you will return home with pleasant memories.

Gothenburg's port anaulin/Flickr

Gothenburg’s port ©anaulin/Flickr


Helsingborg is one of the oldest Swedish cities in the south of the country. In Helsingborg you can visit old buildings in the city centre, one of the oldest churches in South Sweden, modern commercial buildings, old style stone buildings and you can walk its fantastic port. I suggest you not to miss it.


Malmö is one of the largest cities in Scandinavia. This amazing city is actually a port city on the Baltic Sea coast. Many tourists are interested in the attractions of this amazing city. Here you can see one of the oldest water towers in Sweden. You can visit innumerable tourist attraction, like museums, operas, churches, theatres and others.


Halmstad is a port-, industrial- and recreational city on the Swedish west coast. In this city you can visit some beautiful old buildings, the famous university and it is the perfect place to sunbathe and to relax. This beautiful city is not so crowded so that it is one of the prefect destinations to you.

Halmstad's port Jacob Wodzyriski/Flickr

Halmstad’s port ©Jacob Wodzyriski/Flickr


This amazing city is the second largest seaport city in Sweden. Trelleborg can be found in the southernmost part of Sweden. This beautiful port located also holds plenty of tourist attractions for visitors such as its beautiful buildings. If you like to sunbathe and swim in the sea, the perfect city for you is Trelleborg.

Trelleborg's port owenwbrown/Flickr

Trelleborg’s port ©owenwbrown/Flickr

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