Sweden’s best beaches

Smedsuddsbadet ©Beach Staou/Flickr

Smedsuddsbadet ©Beach Staou/Flickr

If you like the beach holidays and you love to enjoy sunshine, you don’t have to choose a distant country. Although Sweden is a Scandinavian country, it has some good beaches. Sweden is one of the most popular and most visited Scandinavian countries. This astonishing country offers you five great seaside resorts. It is important to mention that the temperature is not as high as in the Mediterranean countries, but if you like the cool temperature, this country will suit perfectly your preferences. Sweden’s best beaches are the following: Varamon Beach, Sundersand Beach, Långholmsbadet Beach, Smedsuddsbadet Beach and Böde Beach.

Varamon Beach

Varamon Beach is situated in South-Central Sweden, near the city of Motala. This wonderful beach is one of the most popular destinations for both local people and tourists. The beach offers you many facilities and summer activities. You can rent rooms near the beach, choosing from the hotels or motels. Besides, there are great bars and restaurants along the beach. In my opinion it is meritorious to spend your holiday in this astonishing place.

Varamon Beach ©PierrePocs/Flickr

Varamon Beach ©PierrePocs/Flickr

Sundersand Beach

Sundersand Beach is situated in South-Eastern Sweden, about 200 km far from the capital of the country, on a little island named Fårö. Sundersand Beach is perhaps Sweden’s most popular and most visited seaside area. In this wonderful seaside resort you have numerous facilities of offer, good activities, great accommodation and delicious food. If you visit this island and this amazing seaside resort, this will be your perfect beach holiday.

Swedish Riviera ©liamc23/Flickr

Swedish Riviera ©liamc23/Flickr

Långholmsbadet Beach

If you don’t like to stay far from the capital city, but you are looking for seaside, your perfect destination will be the Långholmsbadet Beach. This amazing beach is situated near Stockholm. Långholmsbadet Beach offers numerous facilities to swimmers, fast food stalls, recreation area, hotels, motels and a camping area.

Smedsuddsbadet Beach

Another seaside resort which can be you perfect destination is Smedsuddsbadet Beach, situated near Stockholm and not so far from the astonishing Långholmsbadet Beach. Smedsuddsbadet Beach offers for both tourists and local people many facilities and outdoor activities, public facilities to swimmers, fast food stalls, hotels, motels and recreation area.

Smedsuddsbadet Beach Staou/Flickr

Smedsuddsbadet Beach ©Staou/Flickr

Böde Beach

Böde Beach is situated in Southern Sweden, on the island of Öland. This wonderful seaside is a very long area with only soft sand. This wonderful beach is a very popular holiday destination for tourists. In this amazing seaside resort you can also choose of many sport activities, camping and public facilities. It is worth visiting.

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