Stockholm’s best areas to visit

Djurgården Giåm/Flickr

Djurgården ©Giåm/Flickr

You probably know that Stockholm was built on a series of islands. There are totally 14 islands composing the territory of the city. This fact makes Stockholm an extremely attractive tourist destination. In case you would like to explore Stockholm, I recommend you to read this guide before traveling. Below I will present you Stockholm’s best areas which are surely worth to explore. Centred on the old town named Gamla Stan, most districts of the city are on self-contained islands. Thus, all the areas of Stockholm are well-defined and easily recognizable. You will surely find the desired area easily. Make sure to visit as many as you can.

Gamla Stan

The most iconic and most attractive area of the city is the Old Town named Gamla Stan. It surely makes one of Stockholm’s best areas to visit. The medieval heart of Stockholm is extremely attractive among tourists. Most of the visitors come to visit Gamla Stan.

It consists primarily of the island Stadsholmen and the surrounding islets are Riddarholmen, Strömsborg and Helgeandsholmen. The fantastic old buildings, narrow streets and beautiful squares make this part of the city extremely attractive.

Gamla Stan sk12/Flickr

Gamla Stan ©sk12/Flickr

Djurgården and Skeppsholmen

The green oasis of Stockholm is the fantastic Djurgården. The island is just a short walk from downtown. It is home to many of Stockholm’s best museums and visitor attractions. Waterfront cafés and picnic spots are also attractive for tourists. Djurgården also offers great cycling and walking paths, not to mention the great views of the city. The island of Skeppsholmen is home to some great museums, including the Museum of Modern Art, the Östasiatiska Muséet and so on.

Djurgården Giåm/Flickr

Djurgården ©Giåm/Flickr

Norrmalm and Vasastaden

Most of the downtown and commercial centre of Norrmalm is the result of a “renewal” campaign. With great shopping malls, new design boutiques and ultramodern hotels, the area is under development. It is also known for its nightclubs, pubs, clubs, antique shops and restaurants. Besides, museums and other sights can also be found here.

Norrmalm Francisco Antunes/Flickr

Norrmalm ©Francisco Antunes/Flickr

Östermalm and Gärdet

Another shopper’s paradise is the island of Östermalm. By the evening the island turns into a vibrant crowd, as it is a very popular nightlife spot. The main focus of the island is the bustling square of Stureplan. It is very popular among visitors. Aside from being a main nightlife scene, Stureplan is also Stockholm’s most upscale shopping area.

Södermalm and Långholmen

The city’s most diverse and colorful districts are Södermalm and Långholmen. The district offer trendy restaurants, bars, cafés and clubs. Also named Söder, the island is very attractive among tourists. It offers excellent views of the rest of the city. Långholmen is considered a fantastic green island of the city, offering sandy beaches and opportunity for swimming.

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