Spend your Christmas in Sweden

Stockholm Christmas Market Bengt Nyman/Flickr

Stockholm Christmas Market ©Bengt Nyman/Flickr

Would you like to travel in a foreign country this Christmas? If you would like to have part of a real Christmas feeling in a beautiful European country, I recommend you to spend your Christmas in Sweden. Besides being a wonderful country full of natural and cultural jewels, Sweden turns into a magical winter wonderland around this feast. With fantastic Christmas markets, Santa’s World, shopping malls decorated with Christmas ornaments, different festivals and decorated cities, Sweden is a great destination at this time of the year. Read the following guide to find out some useful info relating to the Christmas traditions of the country.

Christmas markets

In one of the previous guides I have already presented you the best Christmas markets of Sweden. Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg give home to some of the best such markets at this time of the year. You can warm yourself with a glass of delicious glögg – spicy mulled wine and eat local delicacies, including different Christmas sweets, reindeer meat and smoked sausage.

You can also look for wonderful handicrafts and Christmas decorations. Whether you visit Stockholm, Malmö or Gothenburg, you will surely have a great experience if you explore one or more Swedish Christmas markets.

Stockholm Christmas Market Bengt Nyman/Flickr

Stockholm Christmas Market ©Bengt Nyman/Flickr

Santa’s World

If you are traveling with small children, you can’t miss to take them to Santa’s World located in the central part of the country, in the heart of Dalarna. You can visit Santa’s workshop and meet Santa’s reindeers here. You can also see the Christmas present storage of Santa’s World and finally visit Santa’s house and give your wish list to Santa himself.

Gifts at Swedish Christmas Market Bengt Nyman/Flickr

Gifts at Swedish Christmas Market ©Bengt Nyman/Flickr

Christmas Julbord

What is Christmas Julbord? From late November until Christmas you can enjoy the traditional Christmas buffet named Julbord at most Swedish restaurants. If you are a gourmet traveler, don’t miss some of the best Swedish meals, including pickled herring, ham, paté, lutfisk, gravlax, knäckebröd, meatballs with beetroot salad and so on. When you go to a restaurant, ask them whether they offer Christmas Julbord or not. It is undoubtedly a not-to-miss.

Swedish Christmas food plinberg/Flickr

Swedish Christmas food ©plinberg/Flickr

The Lucia Festival

Ok, this year you’ve missed it, but next year visit Sweden on the week before the 13th of December. This is the time of the year when Swedes celebrate St. Lucia with a great event named the Lucia Festival.

On the 13th of December you will see thousands of young girls dressed up in white gowns and wearing a wreath of glowing candles on their heads. This way they emerge from the darkness of Swedish winter days. With concerts and processions, this festival is with no doubt one of the most beautiful in Sweden.

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