Spa traditions in Sweden

Relaxing Tara Angkor Hotel/Flickr

Relaxing ©Tara Angkor Hotel/Flickr

Spa facilities and services are very attractive to some groups of tourists. From young people who live a stressful life and want to get rid of it for at least a weekend or elder tourists who are looking for relaxation, spa services are very attractive. Today the majority of hotels offer excellent spa services to their guests. Well, Sweden is no exception. There are several spa hotels all around the country which drag numerous guests each and every year. The famous Swedish massage is just one of the offered services. In Sweden they call it a “classic massage”. The greatest advantage of Swedish massage treatments, besides relaxation, is the physical and mental aspects of wellbeing. Are you interested in more info relating to spa traditions in Sweden? Read on! 

Swedish spa traditions

There are four essential aspects relating to spa in Swedish spa hotels: rest, movement, nutrition and touch. All these four elements are combined with tranquility, peace and energizing effects. The spa hotels of Sweden are characterized the best by their excellent natural settings and premier facilities.

Spa and health resorts have a history of about 300 years in the country. Some became known for the healing powers of its spring waters, like Loka Brunn.  Although Swedish spa traditions have changed over these 300 years, the basics have not. Physical and mental wellbeing are the most important advantages of spa services, just like the oneness with nature.

Relaxing Tara Angkor Hotel/Flickr

Relaxing ©Tara Angkor Hotel/Flickr

Swedish massage

As I already mentioned it, Swedish massage is world famous. It actually used five styles: kneading and lifting the muscles, long flowing strokes, gliding strokes, friction/vibration and rhythmic tapping. This type of massage was actually developed by a Dutchman, but it became famous as Swedish massage. It is an important part of the Swedish concept of wellness.

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Spa treatments ©ppacificvancouver/Flickr

Become one with nature

Swedish people are mainly nature-lovers, as the whole country is dominated by wild landscapes. Maybe this is the explanation why numerous spa hotels and resorts are situated in beautiful portions of the Swedish countryside.

From the sandy southern coastline to the “land of the midnight sun” in Northern Sweden, there are numerous spa resorts and hotels all around the country. These spa hotels dot the beautiful wilderness of these portions of the country. The spas of Sweden are also waiting for you. Visit Sweden and discover them in the Swedish mountains, on the sunny archipelagos or beside deep blue lakes surrounded by pine forest.

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Hydratherapy room ©ppacificvancouver/Flickr



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