Ski resorts in Sweden

Skiing at Sälen Photos from SkiStar/Flickr

Skiing at Sälen ©Photos from SkiStar/Flickr

Just like many northern European countries, Sweden offers great winter activities to its visitors. Especially in northern Sweden, but also in the south, there are several winter sports facilities offered by the country. These facilities offer a wide range of activities, recreation and amusement for every age and for every taste. There are several ski resorts in Sweden which are very attractive for the lovers of this winter sport. The following areas include some of the best Swedish ski resorts: Funäsfjällen, Branäs, Sälen, Åre, Tärnaby and Hemavan. Visit any of these areas and make yourself an unforgettable winter experience.


Åre is considered to be one of the best ski resorts in the world. This Swedish ski resort is the largest of its kind in Northern Europe. It is also the most developed and diverse alpine sport resort in the region. Not only skiing, but a wide variety of other winter sports is also available. These activities suit every level of skill and every possible preference. From easy skiing for children to challenging off-piste slopes, the resort has something to offer to everyone.

Åre mortsan/Flickr

Åre ©mortsan/Flickr


Funäsfjällen is Sweden’s third largest ski area. It encompasses the resorts at Ramundberget, Messlingen, Bruksvallarna, Tännäs Ljusnedal, Tänndalen, Mittådalen, Fjällnäs, Hamra and Funäsdalen. This is the southernmost alpine region of Sweden. The mountain peaks reach higher than 1,000 m above sea level. With lots of hotels, holiday chalet villages, restaurants and even discotheques, the resort is a great destination.


Branäs is a favorite destination for families. The resort offers lift capacity for 8,000 people per hour. Besides, 2,500 beds are offered to tourists. The heart of the resort is the Gondola (one of the few Gondolas in Scandinavia) and the village. Even if winter doesn’t bring a lot of snow, snow is always assured here.

Children at Branäs ski resort alma-kastlander/Flickr

Children at Branäs ski resort ©alma-kastlander/Flickr


The area named Sälen includes six ski resorts: Lindvallen, Tandådalen, Högfjället, Hundfjället, Stöten and Kläppen. You will find only in Sälen 19 contiguous green slopes which attract all kinds of downhill skiers. Be prepared for expensive accommodation. The landscapes will surely amaze you. This area is one of the most attractive among skiers.

Skiing at Sälen Photos from SkiStar/Flickr

Skiing at Sälen ©Photos from SkiStar/Flickr

Tärnaby and Hemavan

Are you an adept of heli-skiing? In this case the area of Tärnaby and Hemavan is your perfect destination. Besides this type of skiing, other exciting activities are also available in the region, including dog-sledding, safaris and snow-scooter. You can hire here all the equipment you need. Besides, the area is also a great place for nightly entertainment.







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