Quick facts about Stockholm

Ericsson Globe Stockholm Susanne Davidson/Flickr

Ericsson Globe Stockholm ©Susanne Davidson/Flickr

Are you curious about some quick facts about Stockholm? I briefly summarize you in this article some important and interesting facts about Stockholm, such as this city’s population, the green spaces, facts relating to the Nobel Prize, the city’s huge sports arena named Ericsson Globe and some interesting things about local transportation and its relation with artistic works. If you decide to visit this astonishing city, it is good to know what is waiting for you. The capital of Sweden is one of the most wonderful and astonishing cities in the country, thanks to their natural and cultural sights. These facts make it even more attractive for tourists.

Facts about the population

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. It is the most populous Swedish city. 22% of the total population of the Sweden lives in this astonishing metropolitan area. Stockholm has been one of Sweden’s cultural, political and economic center for a long period. Stockholm’s dense population is partly explained by the rarely populated huge area named Lapland. The weather conditions of the area are unfavorable for people.

However, if you decide to visit this astonishing city, you will not regret it, even though it is densely populated and crowded sometimes. The visitor attractions make it a worth visiting city.

Facts about the green spaces

If you like green spaces, parks and outdoor activities, Stockholm is one of the perfect places to enjoy it. The capital of Sweden in 2010 was awarded Europe’s first “green capital”. 30% of Stockholm’s total territory is occupied by green spaces. In this fantastic city you have many possibilities to practice outdoor activities, to walk in the fantastic parks, make picnics and so on.

In this wonderful city there are more than 1.000 green spaces, I’m sure that you can choose one perfect recreation area to enjoy the nature.

Green spaces in Stockholm La CittaVita/Flickr

Green spaces in Stockholm ©La CittaVita/Flickr

Facts about the Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize has a long history in Stockholm. This fantastic and unique award has been handled here since 1969. Scientists were awarded 555 times. Martin Luther King, Jane Addams, Albert Einstein, John Steinbeck, Seamus Heaney are just some names of the most famous Nobel Prized people. In the Nobel Prize the awarded person get a medal, a diploma and a sum.

Facts about Ericsson Globe

The Ericsson Globe is one of the world’s largest spherical sports arenas. This unique building is famous due to its form and size. Fantastic events take place in this arena, like football, ice hockey matches and other annual events. This unique building attracts more than 1000 visitors annually. On the top of the Globe there is a fantastic sky view from where you can have a gorgeous over view over the city.

Ericsson Globe Stockholm Susanne Davidson/Flickr

Ericsson Globe Stockholm ©Susanne Davidson/Flickr

Facts about the local transportation

If you would like to travel in Stockholm, you have many options to choose of, including buses, trams, trains and metro. Stockholm has more than 100 metro stations. Stockholm’s metro stations are famous for their artistic design, including sculptures and paintings. If you wouldn’t like to spend time in traffic, the underground is one the easiest option to get around the town. Besides, you can have part of a great artistic experience.

Stockholm Metro de:Benutzer:Jorges/okaboo

Stockholm Metro ©de:Benutzer:Jorges/okaboo

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