Places in Skåne you can not miss

Helsingborg City Hall jasonippolito/Flickr

Helsingborg City Hall ©jasonippolito/Flickr

Skåne (Scania) is the southernmost of the 25 non-administrative provinces of Sweden. It is a very attractive region among tourists. Its largest city is Malmö which is also the administrative centre of the province. The province is home to several great urban travel destinations, national parks and other sights.

There are numerous places in Skåne you can not miss, including Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg, the Dalby Söderskog National Park, the Söderåsen National Park, the Stenshuvud National Park and so on. These are the most popular and most remarkable destinations of the province. If you decide to visit this region, I recommend you to visit as many of these as you can. You will surely have an unforgettable holiday.


One of the most popular urban travel destinations of Sweden is Malmö. It is a fantastic city, the third largest one of the country. The city is home to numerous fascinating sigths which make it a must-visit. There are numerous churches, theatres, architectural landmarks and open spaces in Malmö, of which the most popular are: St. Peter’s Church, the Moderna Museet, Ribersborg Beach, Malmö Castle and so on.

St Peter Church Malmo  theresaanna/Flickr

St. Peter’s Church, Malmo ©theresaanna/Flickr


Lund is a major city in Scania. It is a beautiful city, being home to the famous Lund Cathedral. Other popular sights of the city are: the Grand Hotel, the Liberiet, the Botanical Garden, Lund University, the restaurant Stäket and the Cathedral School.

Lund Cathedral Rutger Blom/Flickr

Lund Cathedral ©Rutger Blom/Flickr


A true pearl of Skåne is Helsingborg. The city is the country’s closest point to Denmark. It is a scenic coastal city, with numerous old buildings. The city centre is dominated by several old-style stone-built churches and buildings, not to mention the 600 year-old medieval fortress. Helsingborg Waterfront, the Helsingborg City Hall, the Church of St. Mary and the old fortress of Kärnan are some of the most important attractions of the city.

Helsingborg City Hall jasonippolito/Flickr

Helsingborg City Hall ©jasonippolito/Flickr

The Dalby Söderskog National Park

Although being a small national park, the Dalby Söderskog is very attractive among visitors. The ground of the woods contains much chalk and limestone, which makes the flora rich. It is a really attractive region of Scania.

The Söderåsen National Park

The Söderåsen National Park is home to Scania’s highest point. Located about 30 km of Helsingborg, the national park is very attractive. The highlights of the national park are: Oden Lake, the viewpoints of Kopparhatten, Lierna and Hjortsprånget along Skäralidsdalen.

The Stenshuvud National Park

The Stenshuvud National Park is home to a 97-m high hill facing the Baltic Sea. The landscapes and the views are very attractive among tourists. Many visitors trek up the hill to enjoy the gorgeous view which is excellent in clear weather.


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