Must-see sights in Lund

Lund Cathedral Giåm/Flickr

Lund Cathedral ©Giåm/Flickr

Sweden is not only one of the Scandinavia countries, but also a tourist paradise. This wonderful country hides innumerable tourist attractions in itself. Sweden is divided into several provinces and all these provinces have their own specific culture and lifestyle. This fascinating country offers you astonishing cultural and natural landmarks and these can be wonderful memories when you return home.

Are you interested in visiting some of these wonderful landmarks? Choose the province of Skåne! It is full of attractions, including the city of Lund. This wonderful city was founded in 990 and it soon became a major Christian centre of the region of the Baltic Sea. Below I will present you the must-see sights in Lund.

About Lund

Lund city is one of the most visited cities in Skåne Province. Lund offers you cultural experience in terms of art, theatre, music and literature, not to mention the astonishing natural wonders. If you love both cultural and natural sights, your perfect city is Lund.

Below I will present you some of the most visited sights which are worth visiting in this astonishing city. These are: All Saint’s Church, Lund Cathedral, the Museum of Cultural History, the Lund Botanical Garden and so on.

Lund Cathedral

The Lund Cathedral is one of the oldest Romanesque churches in Sweden. This wonderful cathedral was built in the 12th century. Although it was renovated and rebuilt several times over the centuries, it has preserved its original form.

The Lund Cathedral is situated is the city centre and it is very easy to spot, because the towers of the cathedral stand at 55 m high. The old building has an astronomical clock dating from the 15th century. Besides, there is a crypt in the cathedral which remained untouched during the renovation works.

Lund Cathedral Giåm/Flickr

Lund Cathedral ©Giåm/Flickr

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens is situated in central Lund, being operated and owned by Lund University. With wonderful natural jewels, the garden is open for tourist daily. If you like nature, it is a must-see sight for you. The Botanical Gardens lies on an 8 hectare-site and more than 7.000 of species of plants can be found here, not to mention the greenhouses. These greenhouses represent 9 different climate zones.

Botanical Garden Lund  S.I.L.P/Flickr

Botanical Garden Lund ©S.I.L.P/Flickr

The Museum of Cultural History

The Museum of Cultural History is one of the most visited museums in Sweden. This wonderful museum is the second oldest open-air museum in the world. In this astonishing building you can meet a significant part of the cultural heritage of the country and you can admire the wonders of Skåne Province. The museum is open in all year except in Christmas Eve, Christmas Night and New Year.

The opening times of the museum are the following: 1st of May to 31st of August: every day from 10:00 until 17:00 and 1st of September to 30th of April: Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 until 16:00. (July 2013)

Museum of Cultural History dinoboy/Flickr

Museum of Cultural History ©dinoboy/Flickr

All Saint’s Church

The All Saint’s Church is a medieval monument and a very popular tourist attraction. This astonishing church was renovated several times, but retained its original form. It has a perpendicular tower and is richly decorated with figures of angels and saints. If you decide to visit this church, I am sure you will return home with great memories.

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