Must-see attractions in Stockholm

The Swedish Royal Palace calzean/Flickr

The Swedish Royal Palace ©calzean/Flickr

Stockholm is one of the most beautiful Swedish cities. If you are planning your holiday in the wonderful Sweden, I suggest you to visit the capital of the country. If you are traveling in a foreign country, it is good to find out what is meritorious to visit before you start your journey. In Stockholm visitors have the opportunity to know the Swedish culture, art and architecture better.

If you like old buildings, museums, parks and gardens, your perfect holiday destination is the astonishing Stockholm. In this article I will present you the must-see attractions of Stockholm. These are the following: the Old Town- Gamla Stan, Djurgarden, the Swedish Royal Palace, Millesgarden, the Vasa Museum and so on.

The Old Town-Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is the old town of Stockholm, being situated on the Stadsholmen Island. Gamla Stan is abundant in unique architectural jewels, museums, beautiful squares and streets, like the Royal Palace, the Nobel Museum, the Royal Chapel and so on. This wonderful are of the city was renovated several times, retaining its original form. Gamla Stan is famous for its unique architectural jewels and attracts annually millions of tourists.

Gamla Stan sk12/Flickr

Gamla Stan ©sk12/Flickr


Djurgarden is situated in central Stockholm. If you like green areas and peaceful atmosphere, this wonderful green island is a must-visit attraction to you. Djurgarden has been a calm oasis since the fifteenth century and it is home to several museums, attractions and the most popular restaurants and cafes of the city. 

The Swedish Royal Palace

The Swedish Royal Palace is also situated in central Stockholm. This wonderful building is one of Europe’s largest palaces. Nowadays the palace serves as the office of the king and queen, but it is also open for visitors. The Swedish Royal Palace is unique, because this wonderful palace is a royal residence, workplace and a historical monument at the same time. The palace was built in Baroque style, it includes more than 600 rooms which contain many interesting objects and items. There is a wonderful garden surrounding the palace, where you can enjoy the silence and the astonishing flowers and trees. It is meritorious to visit it.

The Swedish Royal Palace calzean/Flickr

The Swedish Royal Palace ©calzean/Flickr


The Millesgarden is one of the most wonderful museums is the country. If you like sculptures, paintings and fashion items, Millesgarden is also a must-see attraction to you. The wonderful Millesgarden is also situated in the heart of the capital city, on the Lindigö Island. The Millesgarden is full of wonderful sculptures of the Milles family and paintings, fashion items which are changed seasonally.

In the garden which surrounds the building you have the possibility to eat at the fantastic restaurants and to rest under the trees while you admire the unique sculptures.

The Vasa Museum

The Vasa Musuem is a unique museum in the country and it is also one of the most popular tourist attractions. The Vasa Museum is situated on the Djurgarden Island, being very easily accessible. The unique museum was the first maritime museum in the country. It is actually housed in a sunk ship which was brought to the surface. The idea of building the museum in and around the ship made this sight a unique attraction of Sweden. In the Vasa Museum you can see innumerable astonishing collections dating from the 1600’s and 1700’s.

The Vasa Museum Alexandru Stanoi/Flickr

The Vasa Museum ©Alexandru Stanoi/Flickr

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