Local transport in Stockholm

Tram in Stockholm eGuide Travel/Flickr

Tram in Stockholm ©eGuide Travel/Flickr

If you decide that you spend your vacation in a foreign city, it is good to know some useful information about the local transportation. In the following guide I will present you some facts relating to the local transport in Stockholm. In case you choose Stockholm as your holiday destination, I have good news for you: you can travel in the city very easily by tram, train, bus, you can rent bicycle, motorcycle, car, by metro, taxi and so on. Another important thing to know is that you have the possibility to buy Stockholm Card or –Tourist Card at the information offices. These cards are very useful. The validity of the cards ranges from 24 hours to 72 hours. Read on to find out more about local transport.

Metro and taxi

The first useful travel option in Stockholm is the metro. The city of Stockholm presents three main subway lines, the first line being the blue line. The blue line presents works of modern art at the stations which are often created by famous artists. Metro is considered the most common and most useful means of transportation. If you decide to travel in Stockholm by taxi, it is not a problem to find cabs, but these are very expensive. In Stockholm there are three reputable taxi companies: Taxi 020, Taxi Stockholm and Taxi Kurir.

Tram in Stockholm eGuide Travel/Flickr

Tram in Stockholm ©eGuide Travel/Flickr


For a tourist the route of the buses and the timetable may seem complicated. It is good to have a handy inner-city route map, but any tourist office can also help you. It is very important to check whether the bus you are about to travel with is a regional bus or an inner-city bus. An important thing about the inner-city night buses is that these run only on a few lines between 1:00 am and 5:00 am.

Stockholm sightseeing bus eGuide Travel/Flickr

Stockholm sightseeing bus ©eGuide Travel/Flickr

Cars and motorcycles

It is not recommended to travel inside the city by car or by motorcycle if you don’t know the area, as the streets are very small and there are several one-way streets. Limited parking and congested bridges are also common problems in Stockholm. Also, parking is very expensive within this city, but you can still park in outskirts of Stockholm. Then you can choose any of the public means of transport. The situation is the same with the motorcycles.


Stockholm has enumerable bicycle roads. Bringing your bike with yourself can be very useful, especially during in summer time, but if you forget about it, you can rent one. It is very cheap to rent a bicycle and you can carry it freely on local trains, expect during peak hours. It is not allowed to get them on a metro.

Stockholm bicycle eGuide Travel/Flickr

Stockholm bicycle ©eGuide Travel/Flickr



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