Kid friendly attractions in Stockholm

Kids in Stockholm Peter Fristedt/Flickr

Kids in Stockholm ©Peter Fristedt/Flickr

Are you visiting Stockholm with the kids? If you are, you don’t have to be worried about the children’s entertainment. Just like many big cities, Stockholm also offers numerous attractions to the kids. From small amusement parks to many playgrounds and interesting museums, the city is full of great sights dedicated to children. Some of the best kid friendly attractions of Stockholm are the following:  Skansen, the Natural History Museum, Tom Tits Experiment, the Butterfly House and Kidzone.  These fantastic attractions can give your children unforgettable experiences. Whatever they choose, they will surely have a great time in Stockholm.



With no doubt one of the top sights in Stockholm dedicated to children’s entertainment is Skansen. There is a fantastic open-air museum here which is known by locals as a zoo. Children can see several animals here like reindeers, bears and wolves. There is also a small amusement park here which is very attractive to the little ones. Besides, the nearby Gröna Lund is also abundant in kid friendly attractions like the Junibacken.

Skansen Udo Schröter/Flickr

Skansen ©Udo Schröter/Flickr

The Natural History Museum

If your child loves to go to museums, the Natural History Museum of Stockholm is a must for you. Your kid will surely love to see the stuffed animals. There is a human body exhibit in the museum where kids can experience climbing up into the brain of a large model of human head, not to mention the dinosaur bones exhibited in the museum.

Tom Tits Experiment

Open from May to September, the Tom Tits Experiment is situated in a suburb of the city, but it is worth the visit. It is a great discovery centre for visitors of all ages. The kids will also love it. You can make great experiments relating to the laws of nature, human body, air, water and so on. As it is an interactive attraction, your children (even the active ones) will love it.

Kids in Stockholm Peter Fristedt/Flickr

Kids in Stockholm ©Peter Fristedt/Flickr

The Butterfly House

The fantastic Butterfly House of Stockholm is open all year round and it is a popular attraction among both adults and kids. The hundreds species of butterflies fly freely in the building which presents the copy of a tropical landscape. Outside there is a wonderful park with animals and beautiful botanical gardens.

Butterfly House Stockholm Loowgren/Flickr

Butterfly House Stockholm ©Loowgren/Flickr


There is a great area dedicated to kids in the Culture house of the city. If you have small children (from 0 to 11), take them to the Kidzone. Children can play with different toys, parlor games and read books here. There is even a picnic area where there can have lunch.

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