Guide to transportation in Sweden



Sweden is a very accessible country getting in and around is also easy as the country is well functioning. Some of the cities like Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm have special Cards, offering free public transport in those areas as well as free admission to selected tourist attractions and museums. Cards can be purchased from tourist information and camps sites and from the youth hostels and hotels as well. Here is a guide to transportation in Sweden to get you started with your vacation planning.

By Air

There are 4 airlines that operates domestic flighst, they are the following: SAS, Skyways, FlyME and Malmö Aviation. So as you see the country is well served by internal air routes. Due to the competitions among the airlines there are special offers  and reduced fares at the airlines. If you are under 26, SAS offers very cheap stand by tickets.

By train

X2000 tilt train Stockholm


Because you may need to cover large distances during your visit, the country’s rail network is efficient and extensive. The comfortable trains are designed to deal with all kinds of weather. SJ – Sveriges Järnvägen –is the national rail line in the country. There are 3 types of trains to choose from: X2000 the fastest and the newest trains, it is true that they are the most expensive ones, so buy your ticket ahead. Intercity-these stop more often and take longer to travel by; they are older and dirtier than the X2000. Veolia or Other European companies: operates inter-European trains.

Rent a car

Hertz and Avis are the two major rental car companies; these can be found at the airports and in different parts of the cities. The roads are well maintained, in relatively good conditions. Note that traveling by night can be dangerous because of the unexpected animals on the roads, especially during the winter.

By bus

For short distances the buses are the best choice from traveling to town to town, they are frequent and cheaper than trains. The major bus companies are: Connex ,Swebus and Gobybus running extended bus lines providing cheap services. Most of the cities have bus stations where you can get information about the schedule.


There are many taxi companies in Sweden, here are some of them: Lerums taxi,Taxi Göteborg, Taxi Kurir, Taxigruppen, Taxi ,VIP taxi ,Flygtaxi, Taxi Stockholm

By bike

Excellent bike paths are present in most of the cities. Renting a bike can be very convenient as it is cheap, quick and healthy method for getting around.

By sea and lake

One can not say that there are plenty ferry services in Sweden, as there are just a few domestic ferry services operating. The most popular routes are from the Baltic Island of Gotland and the mainland at Oskarshamn and Nynäshamn, however there are frequent coastal sailings to the major ports.

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