Fantastic World Heritage Sites in Sweden

Kvarken Archipelago AleGranholm/Flickr

Kvarken Archipelago ©AleGranholm/Flickr

When we talk about Sweden the first thing what comes in mind can be any of the fantastic World Heritage Sites of it. I suggest you to visit Sweden, because you can visit a lot of interesting sites for example: natural parks, old buildings, churches, palaces, ports, and so on.  In Sweden we can find 15 wonderful Heritage Sites. We can divide the sights in three major parts: there are 13 cultural sites, one natural site and one mixed site in the country. If you are interested in these sites, below I will present you them. This guide will include the fantastic World Heritage Sites in Sweden. Read on to find out more about them.

Cultural sites

In this amazing country you can visit 13 cultural sites and you can have part of unforgettable travel experiences. I will talk about only some of the most visited World Heritage Sites. The Agricultural Landscape of Southern Öland is the first such cultural site. It is a vast limestone plain which was designated as a World Heritage Site due to its unique and wonderful biodiversity. This unique landscape was formed in the prehistoric times. The second cultural site is the Church Village of Gammelstad in Luleå which is a unique kind of village in Scandinavia. This village includes wonderful wooden houses which are very well preserved. The third such cultural site is named the Birka and Hovgården situated in the Björkö Island. Birka is actually a Viking-Age town which is very attractive for visitors. Another cultural site is the Engelsberg Ironworks. It is the most complete example of Swedish iron works. Another popular site is the Decorated Farmhouses of Hälsingland, situated in the eastern part of Sweden, representing traditional building dating from the Middle-Ages. A very amazing and interesting Heritage Site is the Royal Domain of Drottningholm, situated in Lake Mälar in a suburb of Stockholm. The highlights of it include castles, a Chinese garden, a theatre and the north-royal Residence.

Agricultural Landscape of Southern Öland lindiwe9/Flickr

Agricultural Landscape of Southern Öland ©lindiwe9/Flickr

The natural site

If you are interested in nature, I suggest you to visit one of the most visited natural sites of Sweden, the Kvarken Archipelago. It is an amazing national park with 5600 islands, containing continental ice sheets and breathtaking glacial retreat. It is a specific area in the northern part of the Baltic Sea. Annual 7000 visitors are interested in this amazing natural Heritage Site.

Kvarken Archipelago AleGranholm/Flickr

Kvarken Archipelago ©AleGranholm/Flickr

The mixed site

When we talk about the mixed site of Sweden, we actually talk about the Laponian  Area. The ongoing geological processing can be seen in the glacial moraines and changing water courses. This amazing region of Northern Sweden gives home to Saami or Lapp people. This area is the largest area in the world with an ancestral way of life based on the seasonal livestock and movement.

Laponia Por los caminos de Málaga/Flickr

Laponia ©Por los caminos de Málaga/Flickr

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