Explore Sweden’s major mountains

Helagsfjället skarpedjup.se/Flickr

Helagsfjället ©skarpedjup.se/Flickr

Sweden is a top tourist destination of Europe. The natural beauty, the astonishing and dramatic landscapes drag numerous visitors every year. This wonderful country is full of astonishing cultural and natural sights. In Sweden you can find all types of relief, but the largest part of the country is dominated by mountains.

If you are a lover of climbing and you like adventures, I suggest you to explore Sweden’s major mountains. In the fantastic mountains areas you can enjoy innumerable adventures and outdoor activities like skiing, climbing, snowboarding and many trips. The wonderful mountains what are meritorious to explore are the following: Norra Storfjället, Helagsfjället, Molnet and Äreskutan.

Norra Storfjället

Norra Storfjället is 1.767 m high and is situated in Lapland, Sweden. This wonderful mountain is one of the most visited mountains in the country. It is considered Sweden’s third major mountain. If you decide to explore the Norra Storfjället, you will not regret it, because you have many possibilities to enjoy this adventure, like different trips, climbing, skiing and snowboarding.

Besides, if you are planning to spend your holiday in this wonderful area, you have several possibilities to reserve rooms and eat at nearby restaurants. It will surely be a fantastic experience.

Norra Storfjället Mortsen/Flickr

Norra Storfjället ©Mortsen/Flickr


Helagsfjället is considered the highest mountain in the southern part of Sweden. This wonderful mountain is 1.797 m high. The mountain presents fantastic glacial lakes, not to mention the wonderful flora and fauna. If you are a nature-lover, the Helagsfjället can be your perfect destination to explore, being considered one of the most fantastic and major mountains in Sweden.

You also have the possibility to enjoy innumerable outdoor activities like skiing, mountaineering and so on. I suggest you to explore the fantastic Helagsfjället, you will not regret it and I’m sure that you will return home with great memories.

Helagsfjället skarpedjup.se/Flickr

Helagsfjället ©skarpedjup.se/Flickr


Molnet is also a major high mountain in Sweden, but the only difference between this area and the other mountains is that Molnet doesn’t lie only on the territory of Sweden. The superior area of this mountain is situated in Norway.  Therefore Monet is also a popular jewel among tourists visiting Norway. If you decide to explore this wonderful mountain, you can enjoy fantastic trips, mountaineering and so on. The fantastic flora and fauna in Molnet can give you unforgettable memories.


Äreskutan is 1.420 m high and it is situated in central Sweden. This wonderful mountain is one of the most popular mountains in the country due to its fantastic ski resort. Äreskutan is easily accessible by train. You have many possibilities to enjoy your holiday spent here, including fantastic trips, skiing and mountaineering.

Areskutan ArtemFinland/Flickr.jpg

Areskutan ©ArtemFinland/Flickr.jpg


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