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Kilsbergen forest KalasMannen/Flickr

Kilsbergen forest ©KalasMannen/Flickr

If you love nature and the wonderful month of May, your perfect holiday destination is Sweden, the country of breathtaking lakes and forests. This wonderful Scandinavian country’s surface includes 53.1% of forested areas. Sweden is one of the most visited European countries which is not surprising if we think of the natural beauty of it. The topography of this beautiful country is changing which makes it very attractive.

Below I will give you some information about the five largest forests in Sweden. These wonderful forests in Sweden are: Kolmården, Tylöskog, Kilsbergen, Tiveden, Ed Forest. If you are interested in a visit to these forests, read this guide. I suggest you to explore Sweden’s forests, you will not regret it.


Kolmården is the largest forest in Sweden, situated in the east-southern part of country. This wonderful natural attraction separates the Swedish provinces of Östergötland and Södermanland. A part of the wonderful forest occupies the Kolmården Wildlife Park. The wonderful forest and national park is the perfect holiday destination for tourists searching for clear air. I suggest you to visit this wonderful forest if you love nature, you will not regret it.


Tylöskog is one of the largest forests in Sweden, situated east to the Kolmården forest. The name of the forest derives from Tylö, a small locality situated within the forest. This wonderful forest is one of the most visited such areas partly thanks to the small locality of Tylö. It is a very healthy and clean area for tourists and for nature-lovers.


Kilsbergen is situated in the southern part of the country. This wonderful forest covers a low mountainous ridge with an unusual flora and fauna. In the southern part of the forest you can admire different species of animals, like elks and the flora is dominated by the taiga. In Kilsbergen forest there are offered several activities for tourists like skiing and hiking. For tourists it is a perfect destination to explore one of Sweden’s forests.

Kilsbergen forest KalasMannen/Flickr

Kilsbergen forest ©KalasMannen/Flickr


Tiveden is situated in Southern Sweden, too. This amazing forest is one of the most visited forests in the country. For tourists it is a very popular area. You can visit here the wonderful Tivaden National Park. If you like to explore forests, the Tivaden is another perfect destination to you. I suggest you to explore this forest, you will not regret it.

Tiveden forest Fjalla/Flickr

Tiveden forest ©Fjalla/Flickr

Ed Forest

The wonderful Ed Forest is situated in the Swedish province of Värmland. Ed Forest lies between the province of Hedmark, Norway and Sweden. The flora and fauna of Ed Forest is the same as the Kilsbergen Forest’s. If you explore this forest you will return home with great memories.

Ed Forest Billy Lindblom/Flickr

Ed Forest ©Billy Lindblom/Flickr

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