Budget Travel Trips to Sweden

Uppsala, Sweden


People think that Sweden is a very expensive travel destination spot. Well, we have to say that, no; Sweden is quite affordable as the prices are very similar and often lower than in any other Western European countries. Their currency is Swedish krona, unlike any other European countries; Sweden hasn’t switched to the use of Euro. In the following will give you some budget travel tips to Sweden, to see that Sweden is not only for rich and it is quite affordable for budget travelers as well, especially if you avoid the hustle of the tourist cities and choose the countryside which offer much better prices.


Weather you are staying in a hostel or in a hotel, booking ahead is the cheapest option. It is true, that Sweden is not famous for having many budget hostels; however you can easily find some. Other preferable option is, if you are planning to stay a week or so, you can rent a summer cottage in the archipelago. Here you can save money on food because by purchasing  ingredients from local stores and cook your own meal.


If you are in Stockholm the best cheap travel trip if you get a Stockholm Card.  Every visitor who are planning to stay longer in the capital city, must have a Stockholm card, as it has so many benefits, like using the bus and the metro as much as you like, you can get free entry to the museums and any other attractions and free outdoor parking. It is a really money and time saver option. Also is you want to visit other parts of Sweden, you can choose bus services, as there are buses to and from almost everywhere. Taking a bus is not just the cheapest option but it is ideal for seeing the country.


 Salmon in Stockholm


Food in Sweden isn’t cheap as well. Obviously cooking your own food saves money, however if you do not want to spend time with cooking, try to get the most out of your budget  here is a good tip: restaurants serve dagens rätt- lunch between 12 and 2 pm. So get the low priced mail at lunchtime, and you save money as well, because if you order the same menu at night, it might happen that you pay twice as much.

Other useful trips for saving money are: skip visiting the country in the peak season from July to mid August, the end of August and the beginning of September is also ideal for a summer holiday, the weather is still perfect at this time.

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