Budget tips for visitors in Stockholm

Gamla Stan, Stockholm sk12/Flickr

Gamla Stan, Stockholm ©sk12/Flickr

As one of the best-known world-class cities, Stockholm is a wonderful tourist destination. The Swedish capital city is known as an expensive city, but don’t worry you have to miss it if you have limited budget. Unfortunately many tourists do not know that besides the expensive sights there are also several free things to do in Stockholm. In case you are interested in the best cheap and free sights and activities in Stockholm that won’t cost you anything, I recommend you to read the following guide. Below I will present some budget tips for visitors in Stockholm, hoping to help you save some money and have a great time.

Visit the free museums

There are dozens of museums and art galleries in Stockholm. There are a couple of free museums in the city, too. There is no admission neither to the Moderna Museet (modern art museum) and nor to the Arkitekturmuseet (architecture and design). Where do you find them? Both are located next to the Nationalmuseum (which is actually not free).

Exhibition in the Moderna Museet tomislavmedak/Flickr

Exhibition in the Moderna Museet ©tomislavmedak/Flickr

Go for a free walking tour

Stockholm also offers free walking tours, including the one which presents Djurgården. It is an island located right in the middle of the city, being famous for its beautiful green spaces and wonderful sights. This free walking tour lasts for about 2 – 2.5 hours, presenting you the best of Djurgården Island.

Gamla Stan, Stockholm sk12/Flickr

Gamla Stan, Stockholm ©sk12/Flickr

Watch the changing of the guard

A great free activity in Stockholm is to watch the changing of the guard. The guard of the Swedish royal family includes a large number of 30,000 individual guards. The changing of the guard is a 40-minute event. Watching this free event in front of the Royal residence of the King of Sweden is an extremely popular activity and a very interesting attraction in Stockholm.

Visit Stockholm’s churches

Stockholm has numerous churches which are free visitor attractions. Visiting a church is a great religious and architectural experience. Enjoy the beautiful artwork inside of the following religious buildings of Stockholm: the Royal Cathedral (“Storkyrkan”), the Riddarholmen Church, the Katarina Church, St. Maria Magdalena Church and the Gustav Vasa Church.

Storkyrkan Jodimu/Flickr

Storkyrkan ©Jodimu/Flickr

Travel for free (or almost free)

Get a Swedish City Card and use public transportation for free and enter countless attractions in Stockholm for free. The card actually pays for itself. The other option for “almost-free” transportation within the city is using Stockholm’s City Bikes. It is a popular bicycle rental service.




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