Beautiful Swedish landscapes

Skane Sweden Vabelhaft/Flickr

Skane Sweden ©Vabelhaft/Flickr

Sweden is not just a country of cultural jewels, it is also a country full of astonishing natural landmarks. In this wonderful country you have innumerable possibilities to enjoy the nature like visiting national parks, discovering its archipelagoes, waterfalls, beaches and other sights. There are some unique natural wonders that you can not see in other European countries.

If you are planning your holiday in this wonderful Scandinavian country and you love nature, I’m sure that you will return home with great memories. In order to help you finding the best natural sight, below I will present you some beautiful Swedish landscapes like Kosterhavet, Stockholm Archipelago, Swedish Lapland, Skåne, Tyresta National Park.


Kosterhavet is situated about a 2-hours drive from Gothenburg. Kosterhavet is a Marine National Park on the Koster Island. On this wonderful island you can see some small fishing villages and you can visit this astonishing national park.

The Kosterhavet National Park is home to innumerable wonderful flowers, plants and you can enjoy the wonderful landscape surrounding the park. It can be also a perfect place for diving and sea kayaking.

Stockholm Archipelago

The Stockholm Archipelago is one of the most visited maritime landscapes in the country. This wonderful archipelago is made up of more than 30.000 islands. The archipelago is accessible from the capital of Sweden, visiting these islands by boat. If you decide to spend some days there, you have possibility to take a 2-days tour by boat.

Stockholm Archipelago awmyl/Flickr

Stockholm Archipelago ©awmyl/Flickr

Swedish Lapland

The Swedish Lapland is one of the most wonderful landscapes in the country. Here you can admire the Northern Lights, the Midnight Sun and other fantastic jewels what you can see only is some places in the world. There are few places in the world where you can enjoy hiking, fishing, canoeing and dog sledding under the Northern Light. If you visit the Swedish Lapland, I think you will return home with great memories.

Lapland Sweden woopstn/Flickr

Lapland Sweden ©woopstn/Flickr


Skåne peninsula is a tourist paradise and a province of contrasts. If you like forests, chalk-white beaches and peaceful atmosphere, this peninsula can be your perfect holiday destination. This astonishing peninsula is the perfect relaxing and natural phenomena for tourists. The wonderful seaside is very popular thanks to the crystal-clear water and to the chalk-white seaside.

Skane Sweden Vabelhaft/Flickr

Skane Sweden ©Vabelhaft/Flickr

Tyresta National Park

The Tyresta National Park presents a wonderful landscape in the country, attracting innumerable tourists annually. If you love nature and animals, this wonderful national park can be a perfect choice. In the national park you have the possibility to take your breakfast in nature and to rest in silence, listening to the songs of the lovely birds.



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