A guide to wildlife in Sweden

Brown bear Marie Hale/Flickr

Brown bear ©Marie Hale/Flickr

Sweden is a land of wonderful green forests, breathtaking lakes and glaciers and a large variety of floral and fauna. For nature-lovers searching for perfect destination, Sweden is the best choice. Some of the most spectacular natural-wonders of the country are protected in magnificent national parks including Sarek National Park, Sjöfallet National Park, Padjelanta National Park. In these protected areas visitors can meet the Sweden’s fascinated wildlife. If you love animals, this country will surely amaze you with its varied fauna. Visiting any of the protected areas of Sweden is with no doubt a fantastic travel experience.


As an animal which lives in the woods, used to a cooler temperature, it is obvious that the wolf is a common animal in the land of forests. The number of the wolves living in the wild in the country is around 130. Unfortunately the number of these animals has been reduced significantly due to the large persecution of them. The Bergslagen forests is one of the places where you can meet or hear the howling of wolves. Be part of this unique adventure and you will return home with a memorable experience. 

Wolf ahlea/Flickr

Wolf ©ahlea/Flickr

Brown bear

Another animal living in the forests is the Brown bear. Bears are the favorite animals of many people all around the world, especially the Brown bear. The Swedish forests are homes to about 2500 of bears. Brown bear is the biggest of the Big Five predators of the country. If you would like to admire these animals, plan your journey in the northern part of Sweden. 

Brown bear Marie Hale/Flickr

Brown bear ©Marie Hale/Flickr


The only feline living in Sweden is the Lynx which is the one of the big five predators. Lynx is a protected animal and there are about 1300 individuals living here. Lynx is expanding in territory. If you would like to admire this animal, the best time of the year to do it is during these months (March and April) which corresponds with the mate season.


As one of the most threatened species in the country, the Wolverine is also a predator. You can meet Wolverines in the north-eastern part of Sweden, more precisely in Rogen reserve. Another place where you can admire them is the fantastic Sarek National Park.


One of the most populous species of animals is the Elk, with about 210.000 of individuals. Bergslagen forest is one of the woods of the country which is home to this fantastic animal, but they are widely distributed in the country. The Sarek National Park is another area to meet elks.

Elk bull Sienna62/Flickr

Elk bull ©Sienna62/Flickr

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